30 January 2012

Getting my Ducks Straight

(I'm not talking about getting my ducks all in a row, I'm talking about learning the difference between one kind of duck and another.)
We have all sorts of winged friends visiting our little pond. I thought for sure these were wood ducks. I had my trusty camera with me then did some research at this wonderful website: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
What I was looking at were Hooded Mergansers. Sometimes the "hood" is raised and it makes a very dramatic show. Of course, I thought those were even different types of ducks, not realizing the hood can disappear.

I wish they would eat the bullfrogs, but they like young fish instead.

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Soggibottom said...

I'm with the ducks, fish are fine, bull frogs might get stuck in your throat !
:-) X X X