14 January 2012

Hanging Long-Johns in Long-Johns

Seriously, it has been cold here lately. No rain. No snow. Just cold and some days cold and fog.
I've been doing yard duty in 22° weather. Needless to say, I wear long-johns to work!
Jack wears his every day as well since his shop is not heated. Well, he has a wood burning stove inside but it merely heats up one small area. Mostly, it's for him to thaw out now and then as he is working.

Imagine my joy when the sunshine was pouring into the house today! I figured it would be just the ticket to hang some laundry outside instead of next to the fire.
I had to giggle as I was hanging these to dry because there I was hanging long-johns as I was wearing long-johns. Even if I have to bring them in frozen, they will somewhat dry out. I remember Mom used to hang clothes outside and they would be frozen stiff when she brought them in.


Soggibottom said...

Oh er :-) Someone gave me.. my daughter will remain nameless :-) A very long nightdress for Christmas. :-) It was great except about ten sizes too big :-) Just wondering, how many pairs of long john's it would take me to wear before it fitted perfectly :-) X X X

Terrie said...

Sunshine makes us smile. We've heavy rain now and chilly. Bring me sunshine please.

jilbear said...

My husband wears long johns all the time. Even though he works in a office he always wears wrist to ankle length underwear. I should have realized this would be the case after our wedding last year. The tux came off and there he was all buttoned up in his long johns. I really don't mind since I usually wear tights under my clothes also. He is always very careful not to reveal what he is wearing beneath. If it is ever pointed out he gets very embarrassed. Go figure!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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