31 January 2012

Happy 100th Birthday, Auntie Alma

Oh my goodness! I have never had a relative reach 100, but Auntie Alma (Fortune) Seng did it today!
Hoo Hoo!!!
I wanted to go to Seattle for the celebration but I was told nothing was going to happen. Then it came about and it was too late to get an affordable flight out of here. (Honestly, we have the most expensive airport in the world. I'm sure of it.)
Anyway, Aunt Alma is in a home with caring people watching over her. She isn't always aware of her surroundings or the people who drop in to visit her. But then there are days when she is aware and according to Mom, those days are the best!
Today, Mom and Aunt Ruby went and sang happy birthday to Alma. (Sorry, about that, Auntie Alma.... I KNOW what my mom sounds like when she sings.... like me and it isn't a pretty picture.)
But the love was there and that is what counts.

Aunt Alma: A very, very funny woman. Her sense of humor was like none other I have ever known. And yet, she had a "bite" to her too. I remember as a kid that she could cut me to the quick in a heartbeat so I was cautious around her. She was a school teacher in Montana in a one-room school. Yes, they still had those not too awfully long ago. She was very, very strict. Kids today wouldn't survive her.
She was an outdoors person. She told me a funny story about how she went "fishing" with a gun and shot her catch of the day.
She is intelligent.
And to my benefit, she was the most amazing crochet artist I have ever, EVER known. She could crochet circles around the best of the best of the best.

This is a queensize bedspread that she and my mom made. Aunt Alma was losing her eyesight so Mom helped her out with the project. We traded labor and I sewed her some cushions.
I also have a delicate piece she made for all her nieces and nephews. (Who knows where it is at this moment, but I'll find it and post a photo of it once I locate it. Lovely, lovely work!)

Happy 100th, Auntie Alma!!!
Much love,


Terrie said...

Congulations to your Auntie Alma !! What a GREAT day! Her crochet art truely a treasure carried forward. I can imagine how awesome she is.

Kalba Meadows said...

Wonderful! My favourite auntie - feisty, independent, eccentric -missed out on her 100th birthday by just 3 months. So glad yours has made that milestone, Sandee!

Amy said...

Wow...how awesome is that! It's plain to see that the crochet gene comes on down through the Fortune blood....as Memaw & her sister (my Aunt Mamie) both crocheted up a storm! I treasure the crocheted things that I have of Memaw's. Ashley actually has some pretty little dresser scarves made by Memaw that she took back to school with her to 'Homey' up her dorm room. ;-)