28 January 2012

Scared to Death of a Rock !!!!

I have no idea why I'm wired the way I am, but little tiny things scare me in a BIG way.
Take for instance a gift my girlfriend, Kim,,left for me.

If you reached for a quilt to snuggle under, this little guy wouldn't scare you, would he?

What if you were vaccuuming and there he was?

Or watering your plants?
 Nah, he wouldn't scare you.
Well, I went to feed the horse. (She always greets me with a whinny.)

What a beautiful girl, even at her age.... but I stray from the point I'm trying to make.

 I opened the tack room door and reached for some carrots for Dessi when I saw this BIG GREEN FROG!
Yup. I jumped six feet into the air and screamed bloody murder.
My heart was racing like crazy.
I slowly peeked around the door to see this GIANT frog when I focused on him and discovered he was just a big fat glittery rockish frog.
Not only did I get a good laugh, but I knew Kim had left the gift. I called her once I got to work and she got a good laugh from it.

There is another story behind this little guy. Evidently, a young worker had ordered some of these and they sold out. He decided to order more only he made a mistake and ordered 200 more!  (I think he wanted 20 more.)
Kim told him not to worry, they would all sell and she bought one to prove it to him! At that point, she didn't hesitate to remind me of the time when we worked together for an inventor. We took snowmobile machine accessories orders and shipped them out all over the country. I was new to the job and I had to order the boxes for shipping. I did have the boss sign the order form (I learned to have him initial EVERYTHING I did.) Then one day, a semi truck arrived FILLED with boxes. Yep, I had ordered a warehouse of boxes.
Oooo la la, the boss was mad. I showed him his signature but the only thing that did, was make me feel better.
Needless to say, I never needed to order another box as long as I worked there!

Isn't life full of fun stories?

Do you have any you want to share? Leave a comment!

1 comment:

Danette and Joseph said...

you're hilarious. as kids we could scare you with anything, so i'm not surprised with this tale.
love you anyway, you jumpy thing!