03 February 2012

A Day in my Life

My day started early. I screwed up... (moi?!) ... last week when I went to have bloodwork done... I hadn't fasted.

So I set off to get there first in line. Then the sun silhouetted Mount McGloughlin so nicely, I had to find a place to pull over and take a photo. Mmmmm, not as easy at it appeared. I ended up having to back out of what I thought were wide enough driveways, (more than one!).... anyway, I finally managed to snap this photo.
The clouds weren't spectacular, but they looked so soft, they made me think of a fleece blanket. (Mmmm, maybe I should've crawled back to bed this morning!)

The computers were not cooperating at the blood draw place so it took three times longer than normal. And of course, I have new insurance now that I am not working and I am 65 and on Medicare for part of the bill..... I guess, anyway. I'll find out soon enough how much this will cost me!

Then to get my coffee. This is my favorite coffee joint called Brewed Awakenings. Somehow, it is always inviting to me.

Outa my way, folks....I need my java!

My favorite is the $1 Americano. I've tried the others but I always come back to the Americano.

These are our neighbors at school. They are new to the neighborhood. I think they are so dang cute but on warm days, they do kinda stink up the school yard!

Elk Trail School

More neighbors, next to the track the kids walk around.

These are my favorite neighbors, there is a pond hidden from my view. I love to watch them while I'm outdoors.

And this is Rabbit Ears.

Although the surroundings are beautiful and peaceful at work, those little munchkins were just the opposite all day long so this is what I came home to. Rum and diet Coke with a splash of banana flavored schnapps.
Some days are just that way.

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