29 February 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!

I don't kow why, but I just love Leap Day. An extra day in the year every 4 years makes it seem a bit special. I've always thought it quite mysterious. Seriously, where does it go for four years? Travel the universe and visit various places in some time warp? Hide under the Calendar-Maker's bed until s/he lets it out to be celebrated only to be hidden away again? I wonder if the Druids celebrated February 29th.... I mean who thought it up anyway? I'll be asking myself silly questions all day long just because I enjoy the mystery. Well, mystery to me because I don't want to Google it and find out the scientific earth's spin vs. our clocks vs. our calendars. I just want to have some silly fun on a day that I have deamed necessary to have fun.

So LEAP in and Enjoy the Day!

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