03 February 2012

My Family is Saved!!!

Saved from what, you ask?
From the Mormon Faith, of course. Check out this web site where Mitt Romney baptized his DEAD.. I repeat: DEAD athiest father-in-law into the Mormon church. This is what Mormons do. They are known for their habit of posthumously converting dead souls.
I know, I lived in a Mormon neighborhood for 18 years. I studied the Mormon faith. I read the Book of Mormon. I read and learned and absorbed Mormonism. I came a breath away from getting baptized in their faith. The only thing stopping me was they told me I had to obey my husband. That just stuck in my craw...if I obeyed him, I would never go to church... so what's with that? Anyway...I did not join. However....

I was worried sick that my family would all be baptized by the Mormons. And of course "Mormon afterlife" is where they are all joined together. No matter how many wives; (Mitt's grandpa had 3 wives in Mexico!...Yes, Mitt comes from immigrants (a cussword in Mitt's dictionary!))... anyway, all those wives will all find their way to their one husband in heaven. (I always wondered what happened if a Mormon woman married and became a widow then she re-married to another Mormon. Which husband would she be joined with in all eternity? Did she get two husbands? Hmmmmmm. That one still bothers me.)

Back to the saving of my family: I consulted my Shaman, a Chumash Medicine Man. He provided me with my very own eagle feather and I picked California White Sage and hit the back yard.
Yup, right there in the midst of all those Mormons, I faithfully and dutifully un-baptized every single one of my relatives that I had or have had or would ever have. Everyone who was blood related to me in the minutest way-shape-or form and everyone who was related to me by marriage -  I un-baptized them from the Mormon Church. From that moment forward and into all eternity and all the way back to the beginning of life itself. If they were related to me, they were no longer Mormon unless they wanted to be!
So Be It!!

Mind you, my relatives are all still baptized in their own chosen faiths. I didn't undo any of that. I believe we all have a choice and I honor those choices. I just do not honor any hocus-pocus about baptizing the dead without asking their permission!

For those of you who are considering voting for Mitt, you better spend some time looking into the Book of Mormon or the Mormon religion.  I am all for freedom of religion, but there is no freedom if someone wants to baptize us all under the same banner without our consent.
Not my cup of tea.

I never wanted my blog to become political or religious, but this is one subject I just cannot turn my back on. Sorry.
And no, I never told my family that I managed to save their souls. They might read this and want to send me thank you notes, I'll check my mailbox next week.


Soggibottom said...


I'm always getting it in the neck if I ever dip my toe into any one views ref church :-) I keep well off of the subject. I have my views :-) and others have theirs :-) I don't have to agree with them :-)
More of your eagle feather kind of gal too.
Sorry Sandee, not for one minute do I want to go over and see such daft behaviour :-) Frank brought in a dead mouse last night, do you think they could do anything for that? Don't think the mouse was married, he might have been :-) x x x

Woen said...


THank you for saving me.


Kalba Meadows said...

If Blogger had a 'like' button, I'd be liking this! Some Mormon neighbours of mine once nearly cost me my job because I was pagan ....