08 February 2012

Okay, So I'm a Bit Anal

 I know about the right side of our brains vs the left side of our brains. Supposedly, we use one side of the brain more than the other but I think I must use both about equally.
Sometimes I am so logical, it scares me and I do love logic puzzles. Then there are times where I am creative and just know I'm using my artsy brain.
I see myself getting more and more "anal" about things as I get older. I have "blamed" living with Jack and it rubbing off on me. (He is definitely OCD but will deny it.)

We had a beautiful day on Saturday so I hung a load of clothes outdoors. Here are my socks.
I don't know if this is anal behavior or mere time management. I read once not to handle your mail more than twice. Bring it in, sort it as you look through it, tossing all junk mail immediately and pay bills and send them right back, and all letters to be answered to go in a special place to answer when possible.
I somehow transferred that idea to my laundry. Rather than taking clothes off the line, bringing them indoors to sort and fold, then separate into piles and put away; I pre-sort as I hang them, fold them as they come off the line and they are instantly sorted by what room they go into because I hung them that way!
My socks are hung by the toes. I leave a space until I have the matching sock then I clip it next to its mate. When dry, I roll the tops together, unclip them and toss them on top of my stack of folded clothes!
Jack doesn't like his socks rolled so I just toss those on top of his folded clothes in the basket and deliver to his dresser.

I alphabetized my spices not because I have to have everything in order, but I kept buying spices that I didn't need because I couldn't find them! I no longer buy more than I need.
I do similar organizing with my pantry. I line my canned goods up so I can see behind one another and they are in groups. So you won't find canned pineapple in with soup in my pantry! I also keep a felt marker in my pantry and when I buy items, I write the date on the top. I put the newer ones in the back and scoot the older ones to the front.
Granted, I don't use very many canned goods, but when I do, I label them so they get used.

These habits are just to help my already stressed brain. I don't love being in the kitchen. If I can't find something I need, it is enough to push me into a tailspin and then who knows what we might end up eating for supper! Heaven help us.

The flip flip side of me is that I can live in total chaos as long as it is productive chaos and things are clean  under the chaos, then I'm just fine. So depending upon what side of my brain is yelling the loudest, that's where you'll find me.

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Amy said...

Oh, this post is very intriguing! I love it! I kind of think I'm the same way.....I definitely know I'm very creative....but I hang stuff on my line in a similar manner & I do fold/roll the socks as I take them down too. Just never really thought about it before.