16 February 2012

To: Me.... From: Me

Tulips. I love them. They don't bother my allergies. They don't stink up the house. They brighten my heart. I usually try to buy myself a pot of tulips so I can enjoy them indoors then plant them for the deer to enjoy the rest of the time.
This is the first year that the flowers died 2 days after I bought them.

To: Me .... From: Them
Another first in ages: I had a bag for collecting my valentines. Oh my. It has been awhile since I worked with little ones. I'm so glad I made them all special treats for their bags!

(Yes, they call everyone "Miss". I don't like it but I only have 4 more weeks so they can call me whatever they like, right?)

To: Me ... From: Amy

And then there is the homemade card from Amy. Very, very precious. Thanks, Amy!

To: Me ... From: Jack
Listen, girlfriends, if "he" ain't romantic, you ain't a gonna change him. Trust me. 42 years later and Jack doesn't have a lot of romance in him. There is some. I'll share that later... after my quilting retreat in March!
Anyway, as I left for work, we kissed good-bye and then he gave me an extra kiss and said, "That's for Valentines' Day."
I love him not because of the flowers he doesn't bring - not because of the candy he never brings - but for oh so many, many other reasons! I buy my own flowers and I certainly have my own chocolate stash!

I hope you all had a sweet day.


Jennifer said...

A friend from work received beautiful flowers that must have cost at least a hundred dollars. I told my hubby about them and he asked if I wanted flowers like that. I said no cause if he sent me flowers like that it would cost US a hundred dollars and I didn't want to waste money. After 31 years, that's reality and I'm fine with it.

I think that a double kiss in the morning is perfect.

Soggibottom said...

Cofee every morning in bed does it for me :-) Ah, but I had tulips and roses too. :-) :-) Will tell you when I see you :-) X X X

Soggibottom said...

It's late, sorry. Coffee :-) Ah, I should learn to spell :-) X X X