16 March 2012

1/2 Interest in a Quilt ? !!

Did I buy half a quilt?
Did I buy 1/2 stock in a quilt?
Nope. And Nope. ...
I bought 1/2 ownership in a quilt machine. (heh-hemm, Ina)

I was telling my sis that I'd bought 1/2 a quilt machine and her phone cut out as I said the word "machine"! So she went around trying to think about the benefits and logistics on sharing a quilt. She said she was thinking, "Wow, that must be a very special quilt for two women to want to share it."

How funny. Like that "telephone" game where one person whispers something to the next person and they pass it along a circle and it comes out all garbled and twisted and nothing even close to the original statement!  Well, this was sort of close and definitely funny.

I'd show a photo of the machine but it is at the home of the other co-owner at the moment. I'll be picking it up next week as I have a quilt that needs quilting!

1 comment:

CrochetnQuilt said...

Now that's a great idea. Can't wait to see the machine and your quilt.