03 April 2012

A Bucket of Memories

Remember back in the "old days" when people actually sat down and wrote letters to friends and family? I remember it taking hours and hours to keep up with the communications since I had moved away from everyone in my life who mattered to me. (Then I found the reason why I'd moved ... to meet my husband!) Anyway, lots and lots of letters.

Those letters would take a week to ten days to get where they were aimed, unless we added extra postage and put them via Air Mail!

Well, as you can see, I have a bucket of memories going back to 1969 when I moved away. My mom was the best letter writer. She gave me all the details of what was going on with the family. Remember too that this was way before we could afford to just pick up the telephone and call. Phone calls were very expensive. And back then, everyone I knew meant a long distance phone call.

I am going to sort through these letters slowly and keep a few with fun family history like my sister coming home from Germany or getting ready to go back to Germany, or like my younger brothers getting good grades or my oldest brother's arrival home SAFELY from Viet Nam. There are some postcards Mom and Dad had sent from their 1977 USA tour just a short time before Dad died.

There are a few from each of my grandmothers. One lived on a farm and detailed her chores and her setting a chicken to hatch duck eggs. The other was being pushed in a wheelchair by my uncle, taking her from her house to his which was next door. Her description of him pushing her made me laugh. I'm just sorry I didn't save more of their letters.

I'm going to find an old bucket to keep them in so I can pull one out every now and again and just read those precious words.

Who knows.... I might just get motivated to write REAL letters! I still do that every now and again but not often enough I'm sure.


Amy said...

This is SO awesome! A lady on another blog I was reading the other was commenting on the same thing.....how no one writes REAL letters anymore & she was on a mission to write some honest-to-goodness notes....with paper & pen, put in the mail with an actual stamp on them & send them off to friends & family. I'll have to write you a letter soon.......& tell you all about the dream I had about you last night. ;-) How's that? I'll leave you hanging for now & that will MAKE me have to write & tell you all about it!! LOL

Terrie said...

How true is the letter writing brings forever memories ! Reading words on a paper, a hand written letter is more than happy. I still write letters with a few friends and keep their letters too. Re-read the family letters is a special feeling mixed with smiles and emotion, right?