01 April 2012

Flood Watch

Our River is on flood watch. It is raining so much, all the water is brown, filled with topsoil run-off. This photo is with my zoom lens and is about 2 miles away so it is grainy. Trees along the banks are all getting washed by the river.

And my poor daffodils just don't get the sunshine they need to stand up tall. I'm not the only one sagging these days:

Actually, we are 5" below the rainfall that we had last year at this time. So rain it must in order to support all the trees and give drinking water to each of us. We are even expecting some snow on Tuesday. Welcome to a Pacific Northwest Spring!

I'm just not used to not having any energy. I'm going on three weeks now and I have no motivation or energy to do much of anything. I lay on the couch and start to fall asleep then my brain tells me to "get up and get something done!" I get up, walk in circles, realize I don't have the energy to do anything and I either sit at the computer or listen to a book on tape. Seriously, nothing to brag about. I just figure I must need the rest or I'd be getting things accomplished.
It's not a good feeling. At least, it isn't a comfortable feeling for me. Not a good place to be. I don't like sitting still for long.

I have to work three days next week so I'll manage to push myself through those and I have a Friends of the Library Meeting that I have to lead so come Friday, I hope I'm not horizontal!

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Soggibottom said...

Hate to mention this, but we could do with a drop or two of your rain here. Hope you feel better soon, you have so much to do this year :-) X X X