04 April 2012

Never Say Never

1993: "I'll NEVER own an answering machine. I don't have time to sit and call people back. They can just wait until I'm home to reach me."
2004: We own an answering machine.

1997: "I'll NEVER have an automatic gate opener. How lazy do you have to be to want to sit in your car and have your gate open for you?"
2009 : Jack built a gorgeous entryway with an automatic gate.

2001: "What the heck is an iPod? I'll NEVER have an iPod, I don't like listening to music, what would I ever do with one of those stupid things?"
2012: I inherited Jack's iPod when he got an iTouch. I deleted all his music from it and now listen to French language lessons. Radio Lingua.... Coffee Break French. And I love it!

2004: "I will NEVER have a cell phone. I HATE cell phones. I HATE people talking on them. Folks are so rude on their phones. They drive like a drunk when they are on their cell phones, they shout in stores when they are on their cell phones, they interrupt a conversation just to answer their @##$% cell phones. "
2011: We got a pre-paid cell phone to use when we are on our trips. Our girls just put too much pressure on us! I refuse to take it with me unless we are on a long trip. I still hate the idea of someone being able to call me whenever they want to. I want to be in control of that. I want to drive down our rural roads in peace and harmony. I want to go on walks without being called. I want to go to work without anyone calling me. So I do hope I can keep away from the dang cell phone syndrome. Ours comes to $7.00 a month with 1/2 a minute a day. Who needs more than 30 seconds a day to say what you have to say when you are breathing the great outdoors? Not me!!!

1993: "I will NEVER have an automatic garage door opener. Oh my gosh, when the time comes for us to not be able to get out of the car to open the garage door, it's time for us to stop driving."
(Mind you, I've said this every year since we built our house.....it is something Jack just HAS to have.)
I am not the one opening the door......

Here he comes.....one very happy camper!

Me? I GIVE UP!!!

2012: Moral of this story: Watch what you say, your words might come back to bite you in the butt!

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Amy said...

Oh, maw always said Never say 'NEVER'. Like when Clay & I were first dating & he swore the one thing he'd never do was to work at a fast food place. And don't you know not long after that he worked at McDonald's. Maw laughed at him & said, 'I told you so!' But I have to laugh about all the gadgets....I have my poor, sad, OLD cell phone that has been dropped one too many times & is all crooked, but still works. I only have mine for emergency use...like when I'm driving back & forth to town. I don't do all this texting & what-not.The kids laugh at me & my poor phone all the time. And Clay is the one who is in love with the little clickie-lock thing for our new van. He kills me because he CAN NOT open the tailgate or unlock the doors without it. I'm always telling him to use his finger & unlock it like we've always done up until a few months ago. Such a MAN! LOL!!