17 April 2012

Who Knew?!

What a whirlwind trip! I just love those trips when you don't have much time to do what you want to do and you end up packing everything into such a small space of time. Not only that.... I found out I had something on my BUCKET LIST that I didn't realize was on there until the opportunity came along! First things first......I need to catch y'all up on things...Afterall, it has been a whole eight days since you've heard from me.

Snail Mail - Remember I had found a bunch of old letters and I started pining over old fashioned letters? Well, WHO KNEW that Amy would get right to it and send me a REAL letter! Thanks, Amy!

 Even the postmarks are different now. They spit out from a computer with "secret" codes printed all along the bottom of the envelopes.

Jack built a new vanity for Danette's and Joseph's home. They are remodeling the main bathroom in their home. We had to deliver this so they could get it installed.

Although they were on their Spring Break, it was no break for Danette! She had a revolving door going on every day for 11 days straight! No breathing space at all. She got phone calls from friends asking for help with watching their kids. Since she already had company from New York, what was another kid or two....or three?... Then her friend had broken her foot and Dee had to do all the driving and helping out. It ended up being a great week for the kids but no rest for Dee!
What is it these grandkids eat to make them grow so fast?

I walked out into the backyard and saw that the kids had escaped!

I could hear them talking so I looked to the left....

and I looked to the right...

Then I looked straight ahead and found them.

Up in a tree, of course!

So down they tumbled and I got a nature lesson from Zoe. See the orange spot on the tulip leaf?

A close-up reveals ladybug eggs!

And WHO KNEW there was an EASY way to gather chicken eggs?!

So off to Kari's we went for her 40th birthday bash. What a party....

This was an amazing cake and great appetizers too!

WHO KNEW  I'd be the Designated Driver so I could take pictures of the party too!
They were all dancing to the "Macarena"!

WHO KNEW  they would have a D.J. with live music?! Beautiful voices!

WHO KNEW  that Charles would buy Kari a pair of  "Miracle Jeans"?! And that I'd be photographing a Miracle Jeans Round-Butt Contest! (I hated to have to tell Kari that even with the jeans, she still didn't have a butt.)

We went for a walk with the boys the next day to get some good photos for Kari.
Mission Accomplished.

What is it about kids and trees???

...and even OLD kids and trees.. (Caught in the action!) This was @ Dee's.

And finally....that item on my Bucket List that I had no clue was on it. Not until Kari asked if I wanted to go see a Roller Derby Game. I answered, "YES!" so fast...then I realized this is something I've wanted to do since the 1970's!!

And the extra fun part is we had someone we know to root for. Recognize her? The singer from Kari's party..... Rock Hell Belch of the Sac City Rollers.

Uh huh....

I couldn't get my camera to take any good photos of the action. Mainly because I don't know how to use my camera. I'm sure it is capable of taking low-light photos but I'm not educated in photography! This one is kinda cool.

Then we headed for home until the next time.

It's always good to go and it's always good to be home again.

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Terrie said...

Absolutely a fab trip and party. So fun for the kids climbed up the trees, observed the nature, the ladybird eggs..... all the natural learning by playing.