27 May 2012

Got Flies?

Jack has been waiting for the mail to arrive so he could finish a cabinet he is making for Danette. He was given the wrong hinges the last time we went to town so rather than driving back in to exchange them, (45 miles round trip), he called and requested they mail him the correct ones.
He waited... and waited ...and waited some more....
When the weather is too rotten or he is nurturing a bad back, etc., he goes downstairs to the garage and ties flies. So that's where he spent his time waiting.

He tied all of these and more as he awaited the mail.

In the meantime, I mailed a package 300 miles away. The package arrived in just two days.
Jack's hinges finally arrived six days later! 6 days to travel 22½ miles in the year 2012. Go figure.

and by the way, we've got flies .....

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