05 May 2012

Great Idea (Hopefully)

When we leave home, the cat is one concern for me. I don't want anyone to have to come up to the house to feed Hook and lock him up every night. Our dog door to the garage was made smaller after our dog died. The raccoons kept getting in so Jack made the opening even smaller yet. It is covered by a stiff plastic that is cut down the middle so it is basically the size of my shoe. (Looks bigger in the photo.) Hook barely squeezes in.

As I had mentioned before, when we got home from our December trip to CA, Hook had tangled with a raccoon and ended up with stitches, etc. I've been locking him in every night with a litter box at hand for him. On our most recent trip, we locked him in the garage for four days. I know he must have been going crazy, but he was healthy and still had plenty of food and water when we got home.

This time, I thought of an idea where we might avoid the raccoons at least. Two shelves for Hook to jump up on and then hop through the window into the garage. We have tall shelves and one of his cat beds right by the window inside so he likes this set up.

I have managed to remember to closed the window every night so I am hoping no rogue cats will come and visit him through his new entry way.

Pets. We love them but they do need a lot of creative thought and planning when we leave. And leave we do. The horse is easy. She needs feeding once a day and my neighbors pass right by the horse barn every day. I pre-measure the hay and they feed and leave. But getting to the cat means through the gate, up the hill and into the locked house.

I haven't found a kennel near by. That seems like a need a lot of people would have so why not more kennels? Noise pollution, I suppose. Not to mention a lot of hard work.

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Terrie said...

You're creative and tender care. Having pets like cats or dogs always our concern of planning holiday. Hook is pleased with the "steps" ! Hehe....