14 May 2012

How Long Does it Take to Make a Quilt?

I think the answer to this question is somewhere between a day and a life time!

I thought for sure I was working towards that "life-time" span for one quilt. I started it back in 2002. I actually took six months to find the pattern after seeing it at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in 2001.
It is paper pieced. The pattern pieces are on paper. The method, (well, my method), is you have to cut your fabric 3 times the size that would normally fit and then put it together on the back side of the paper so when you turn it over, it is totally backwards from the way you set it up. (uh huh..... confusing)
Then once you have ripped out the little 3" square that has 2-5 pieces in it, you do it again. Don't be surprised if you have to rip it out again... only now the paper pattern is all screwed up and you have to start with a fresh piece of paper.
Then after working with that square, you go on to make 8 others for your 8" block. If it doesn't measure up square, you have to rip it apart because your entire quilt isn't going to be square. I know this because I was about 1/4 of the way done and had to rip everything out and square up my blocks. I figured with the paper on the back, it would be square. Nope.

Oh, don't forget to rip out all the paper you sewed into the quilt.
And if a pattern piece looks like it is going to fit, you are most likely wrong. The pattern does not tell you what piece to use, you have to refer to a drawing and the squares are the size of graph paper squares and .....yes, I have gone crazy more than once over this quilt.
SoooOooo, once again, I've picked it up.
I have over 200 hours into it so far and I'm just over half way finished.

I've set it aside because I no longer liked the colors and feared we would need sunglasses at night in order to crawl under it to sleep. Then I've come back to liking the bright colors.
Now I see I have some blocks that are too light and might have to replace them with brighter fabric.

I don't feel any rush since I've already been at it for 10 years.... what's 10 more?!

Actually, I made the mistake of putting this on my list of things to complete this year so I really do have to push a bit more. I cannot have Jack in the house as I work on this because I tend to shout at myself and call myself all sorts of names as I'm ripping seams apart. My new best friend is my seam ripper!

So here's my pattern colored in. The paper with the hole cut out is how I see where I am. I work on one block at a time and that hole exposes one block!

And yes, that's Elvis next to my To Do list! When I get too frustrated, I just look at his picture and sigh.... 

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CrochetnQuilt said...

This quilt is gorgeous now. It will be absolutely wonderful when you do get it done. It really doesn't matter how long it takes to finish.........it will just make for a great story!