18 July 2012

Forgiven or Not

I don't know if I was ever forgiven or not for waking everyone up early and bouncing around with nervous energy like  Tigger from "Winnie the Pooh." But I don't rightly care because that quilt show was amazing. See for yourself:

About 16 miles from the quilt show and there was a flashing sign warning of traffic delays! Delays??? That was an UNDERSTATEMENT. I didn't think we'd ever get there.

I spent time taking photos along the way.

I'd never been to this show with such a massively large crowd. But it worked as the quilts were spread out so far around the town and in the shops.

This is the quilter Ina and I loved the most from what we saw. Freddy Moran

and this is her quilt we couldn't tear ourselves away from.
 and for a mere $245 for the workshop, and most likely $300 for a motel, $80 for meals, $245 air fare, and who knows what for a rental car, then let's see ... $200 for fabric.. we too can make this quilt!!
I am tempted....but nearly $1000 to make a quilt and it isn't even quilted yet... too rich for me.

There is more to follow on the quilt show and our travels...

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Terrie said...

The quilts are amazing! I personally love the "story" or flowery qilts. Broadened me a lot via this.