23 July 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show - Part 3

I wanted to mention how fun it was to see how the quilts were organized.
This was cute the way the name of the business fit the quilts.

This one must have been made especially for Hucklebearys, it was just too perfect!

Some quilts were grouped in colors.

Yellow for the perfect yellow house.

There were themes like Teachers' Quilts, Men's Quilts, Quilting Challenges, Miniature Quilts, etc.
Luckily, there were maps provided for all of us to follow.

A quilt show very well done and very worthwhile to see.
(Yes, the sky did open up with a thunder storm. We left just as it started to rain and got into a downpour. I have no idea how the quilts faired with the rain, but it is always the chance that is taken when they hang outdoors!

Thanks, Sisters, for a great show!

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