02 August 2012

Laguna Lace Rocks and More Rocks

In the same warehouse, another brother, Tom has his business called Laguna Lace. He is a rock hound. The problem is he only sells wholesale so us little peons can't buy from him.

I was so mesmerized by the size of the warehouse and how FULL it was with old car parts and rocks!
The rocks oozed outdoors.

I wanted to throw a few crates into my car.

And these were ready to be shipped to China. I love it when things from the USA are going TO China rather than the other way around! Oh yeah, way to go, Tom!

Here's Mom trying to get a better view. We are all rock appreciators in our family. (Is there such a word? I don't even want to do spell-check to find out!)

Honestly, it all started with a tiny rock collection years and years ago!

Here's Tom.


Terrie said...

They're precious stones. Can be turned to jewlery and beautiful accessories.

Soggibottom said...

HA HA... thanks for that comment :-) :-) :-) Oh, you :-)
I can see even after your broken sleep your still on top of the world :-)
Beautiful post Sandee
:-) X X X