28 August 2012

Lesson Learned: I Cannot Walk on Water

I know, it is sad but true, I just can't walk on water.
Jack and I took our friends out on the lake today to enjoy the scenery and the peacefulness surrounding us there.

We decided to go to the top of the lake where the Rogue River feeds into the lake. Jack is the only one of us who had been that far up before. So under Peyton bridge we went...

The water here was very still and covered with tiny flies we call idges. (Hi, Midge, did you know you were named after a fly?)

The reflection in the water was incredible. Only one problem, the algae was thick in the water.

Normally, we drive by Hole Rock and there it was above us.

I couldn't believe I could zoom in this close and see turkey vultures right above the hole. One on the left and one on the right. Too cool.

This is called Red Rock.

Rick enjoyed his view from the front of the boat! Here the water started to get a little choppier.

We saw this Great Blue Heron along with tons of Osprey and one Bald Eagle and a strange looking bird I need to research.

We didn't even get close to where the river enters the lake as the water level got too shallow. So we set anchor and had a picnic. Notice what I'm wearing. I do have my swim suit underneath.

Then Carol and I wanted to swim so we went back to the other end of the lake. You may notice the smoke from all the wildfires. This is mostly coming from California now.
And there's the dock.

So here's the deal....Jack said, "Take the rope and hop onto the deck." So I did just that and one second I was on the dock and the next, I was sliding into the water! I still don't know quite what happened but I certainly was not able to walk on water! Needless to say, I was the first in swimming!
And in the end, Carol said the water was just too freezing for her and she couldn't swim in it. I thought it was just right and actually thought it was a bit warm. It was 72° so you tell me if that's cold or not?

I have to share this one to show that I'm not the only half of this marriage who gets into trouble.
The Park Ranger had to chase Jack off because this is where he parked for us to get the boat ready to head down the road.


Terrie said...

Very scenic view along the bank and tranquil still lake. So now into fall, nature is more stunning with leaves change.

Terrie said...

Thanks for the word verification advice. Solved now as I didn't note the street no. like item. You're a star.