01 August 2012

Old Car Parts N.W., Inc.

Finally, I'm getting back to my blog to wrap up our latest trip.
We took a tour of my brothers' warehouse. I'll start with Ray's business: Old Car Parts NW, Inc.
If you have an old car and need a part, Ray's your guy. He is very busy and doesn't have anyone to help him so be patient with him. If you don't see your part on his web site, give him a call.

Okay, so it was a warehouse. Yeah, yeah. Honestly, I was dragged along by Jack....

Then we walked inside and I needed a forklift to pick my chin up from off the floor!

You need an old car part? Seriously, Ray has it!

What about a catalog? He has those too!

Need a carburetor? Ray's your guy! (At least, I think these are carburetors!)

I loved the way this looked. I want to sketch it with charcoal pencils!

And here's Ray with his wife, Pat.

Need parts? Give Ray a call @ 1-206-300-1083


Patches said...

Great pictures of the warehouse. Thanks for the free advertising. Only Sandee would take pictures of a parts warehouse!

Sandee said...

Only Sandee would want to sketch those kinky pipes in the warehouse!

Clint Moore said...

Ahh, this is truly an old car lover's haven. It's difficult to find a one-stop shop for old car parts these days. Ray's passion for old vehicles is amazing. Good luck with that sketch, by the way. :o)

-Clint Moore

Erwin Calverley said...

I agree with Clint. People who love old cars would certainly have fun in that kind of place. It’s basically like a museum for old car parts, preserving these important pieces from aging and wear. I’m willing to bet, seeing as how he’s got so many old car parts, he’s probably also got an old car himself!

@Erwin Calverley

karyn gray said...
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Used Auto Parts Online said...
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