25 September 2012

New Bag

Here's my latest bag. I wanted one that wasn't so HUGE so I wouldn't drop everything into it.
I wanted black and white but my stash was very low in that department. So I decided to start cutting and when I couldn't cut any more strips, I would be done with my bag.
I like it.
.... a lot!

I made a sleeve to hold my water bottle. You will note that I do NOT have a pocket for a cell phone. I HATE cell phones and don't want one to follow me around wherever I go! Nope... my pockets are for tablets, erasers, pencils, kleenex and aspirin. You know, the IMPORTANT things in life!

And my little "snap" bags for my art supplies.
Oh yeah..... I am so thankful for my sewing machine, my sewing room, and the ability to create things out of fabric. The training, the time, money, desire, energy....all that... I am thankful for.
And for my dad who taught me how to use my first treddle sewing machine!... and for my next door neighbor who helped me to read patterns. I was a fortunate teenager and I am a fortunate grandmother.
(All this because of a bag!)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Love your new bag! One that size in navy would be an awesome Christmas gift. ;-) BTW, I'm writing you a letter.....a REAL letter about our swap for snap baggies & dishcloths. ;-)