27 September 2012

Our "Orchard"

Our little orchard either produces fruit or it doesn't. Period. We never know. This year, there were cherries; last year we had none. This year we had no pears; last year we had a few.
This year we have tons of apples....okay, they are "mini" apples, but they are apples. Last year we had not a one. And this year, we had one peach... the size of an apricot and Mmmmm Mmmmm, was it ever delicious! All one mouthful of it.
So we just picked our Golden Delicious. These are so sweet and tasty. For me, it takes about 4-5 bites and the apple is gone. For Jack it takes 3-4 bites. And for my horse, one bite and it's history!

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