01 October 2012

2 Months and Spots are Gone

No... silly, not my spots, the fawn's spots! (Don't I wish I could get rid of unwanted spots in just 60 days.... sigh!)

So the fawn's spots are gone and a fuzzy coat is starting to grow for winter. Amazing how fast they grow. Luckily, Mom and baby are still together.
Well, not so lucky for my succulents - as someone has acquired a taste for them!
Go figure!

July 27th - first glimpse of this little one... born later than the rest.

July 28th

September 29th

1 comment:

Soggibottom said...

Hum... looks like it's not only the fawn's spots have changed here :-)
Wow, wish we could get so close to take such beautiful photo's. The nearest we come is hearing the herd clop clipping along the stream. Succulents are over rated anyway :-) :-) :-) I know they also love roses, so don't plant them. :-)
:-) X X X