07 October 2012

Dowsing for Fabric

When I was young....very young...like 10 or 11 years old, I lost something. (I can't remember what it was right now, but it was important enough for me to complain about losing it.) My Aunt Ruby was visiting and she said she could find it. She proceeded to tie a metal washer onto a string and began dowsing. She found my lost item in nothing flat.
I was amazed. I asked her to teach me now to do it and she did. She told me to hang something heavy on the end of a string and then think about the item I had lost. The washer would start swinging when I got near my lost item.

Over the years, I have probably dowsed for lost items about 20 times and every time, I have found what I was searching for very quickly. As soon as I found the item, I would promptly forget how easy it was to dowse and when I lost things, I would just turn my house upside down. I only dowse as a last resort. I guess I enjoy turning things inside-out!

SooooOOoo, last week, I couldn't find some fabrics. I had them all together so I could make a new quilt.
I have a lovely sewing room. Mostly organized. I have 8 cupboards with fabric in them and 8 cupboards without fabric. I couldn't for the life of me find that stack of fabric I wanted.
Sure enough, it bothered me so much, at 2:00 a.m., I got out of bed and searched all night for my lost fabric. I turned the guest bedroom upside down. No luck.

Then Saturday, I talked to my sister, Ina, and told her I should just go dowse for it. I hung up the phone and looked for a heavy weight. I couldn't locate string so I used this notebook ring and an old key chain.
I held the large ring like this:

Then I opened my fabric cupboards and thought about my lovely missing fabrics.
Nothing. The key chain moved only slightly.

Then I stood in front of my craft cupboards. I did not open the doors because I KNEW the fabric was NOT in there. I had looked too many times already and besides, I NEVER put fabrics in my CRAFT cupboards!
When I held the keychain in front of the lower cupboards, it began to swing.
I opened the doors and held the key chain in front of each row of CRAFT supplies.
Sure enough...right there on the right, 3rd shelf down...see the blue basket with yarn?
The key chain went nuts there.
I pulled out the basket. Still knowing I had NO FABRIC in there.....

...except for the fabric I was looking for. There it was.

Next time I lose something, I hope to shout I will remember to dowse for it!

Thanks, Aunt Ruby, you are a good teacher!

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