04 October 2012

Hard Day's Reward

Seriously, Jack has been working my butt off lately and as you may know, I don't have one to work off to begin with. (Unless I keep up with the Wiggly Walking!)

He cut down dead trees along a steep hillside then sawed them up into log sizes to burn in his shop this winter. I told him I would hemp him schlep them up the hill. Oh dear, my body is sorry I made that offer!

I will say he is very, VERY appreciative of my help. He mentioned that he couldn't think of too many wives who would have helped with such a job. We've been hammering away at it every morning until I cannot climb one more step and I yell, "Enough!"

So after today's call of "enough", I came up to the house and showered. He went to the shop to WORK some more. I don't know how he does it.... anyway, he calls me and says, "Sandee, come on down and we'll pick apples and bring the camera. I have a perfect photo for your blog!"

I told him there wasn't enough money in the world to get me to walk to the shop today. I was glued to my house. The apples can wait until Saturday and the photo op will have to wait too.

He agreed after many attempts to get me to mooooove. Instead, I stayed inside, he brought the photo op to me.....
What a nice reward after such a tough morning.
I love living where we do.

This is the most amazing wasp nest I've ever seen. They started along the branch of the madrone tree and incorporated the leaves into their next. VERY COOL!!

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Terrie said...

Birds are amazing builders. I always wondering how their little months can make such nests ! I admire your area, you can have deers !