27 October 2012

I Voted.....Did You?

One thing about Oregon..... we can ONLY vote by mail.
I love it.
We get our voters' pamphlets nice and early then the ballots and we are done.
From here on out, we can toss the ads in the burn barrel and mute the commercials.

Then know that our vote doesn't mean a dang thing. At least not here in Oregon.
It is ALWAYS decided way before the West Coast voting hours are over with.

Every year, we watch the East Coast and Mid-West decide the fate of our country.
 Okay, sometimes California makes a difference but not Washington or Oregon. We might as well secede from the "union.!!

It doesn't seem fair to me.
But then if I remember correctly, only Walt Disney promised happy ever endings. .. and man-o-man, did I bite into that one!

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