29 October 2012

You Know Me...

No matter how many times I see those gas prices, I am still in shock over them. Our recent trip to CA and this is what we paid:

We started out by topping off our gas tank @ $4.01 a gallon. Now this is "cheap" gas and we have to drive 40 miles round trip to get this "good" price.

The next time we gassed up it was $4.40 a gallon. Same brand station (Costco) just a different state.

And further south it jumped again. This time to $4.76 a gallon.  

And of course the options for service add even more to the price.

In Oregon, we are not allowed to pump our own gas but we do wash our own windows.
In CA, you pump your own gas unless you slip into the "full service" lane.
Whatever you do, don't make that mistake unless you are prepared to leave your first-born child at the register while you go empty your ATM to redeem your child!

Some folks say Europe has been paying these prices and then some for years. This is true, but in Europe, their cars go 60 miles on one gallon of petro!
Grrrrr..... (can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?!)

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