08 November 2012

Good-bye White Interior Walls!

It's been a long time coming. 21 years, to be exact. I was so afraid of moving from sunny California to the Pacific Northwest that we would be in darkness. I didn't need to worry about that as our home is open and bright. Nonetheless, all the walls were painted white and stayed that way until the last five years.
My recent quilt pushed Jack to paint our bedroom, which was the last room that was white.
Now one wall is a deep burgandy and the other three are a deep olive sort of green but not too much yellow in the green.

We also ordered some vertical blinds. Something we need to BLOCK OUT THE SUNSHINE! And the heat in the summer. They have not arrived yet.

We rearranged the furniture a bit too so it is more orderly.

I know I'm posting prematurely because Jack is in the shop right now making nightstands. So once they are done and the blinds are up, I may update with new pics.

Oh....and after I've painted some new paintings for the room! Wow, I didn't even think about that but all my pastel paintings have to go into storage now.


Terrie said...

Will be a fresh look for a change after some years. The wood tone of furniture are of country style I love. The bed cover is awesome with maple leaves. Did you make that quilt? Always love patchworks like that.

Sandee said...

Yes, I made the quilt. It tool 10 years to complete but I'm happy I finally did it!