29 February 2012

Happy Leap Year Day!

I don't kow why, but I just love Leap Day. An extra day in the year every 4 years makes it seem a bit special. I've always thought it quite mysterious. Seriously, where does it go for four years? Travel the universe and visit various places in some time warp? Hide under the Calendar-Maker's bed until s/he lets it out to be celebrated only to be hidden away again? I wonder if the Druids celebrated February 29th.... I mean who thought it up anyway? I'll be asking myself silly questions all day long just because I enjoy the mystery. Well, mystery to me because I don't want to Google it and find out the scientific earth's spin vs. our clocks vs. our calendars. I just want to have some silly fun on a day that I have deamed necessary to have fun.

So LEAP in and Enjoy the Day!

28 February 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday, Mom! 89 years old today and what an amazing woman you are!
I am going to celebrate all day long...celebrating the day you were born!
Since we have an added day in February tomorrow, I do believe I'll continue to celebrate tomorrow too. (I'd hate to waste that "extra" day! )
Thanks for all that you do, Mom, I love you to pieces!

(Mom doesn't know any strangers because she befriends everyone she meets.)

(And what a sport! She'll try just about anything once.)
Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!

22 February 2012

While Horton Hatches His Hooooo

... I'm busy hatching hats!
119 hats completed.
I didn't make all of them, but one heck of a lot were mine.
Thanks Sharon, Eileen, Billie, Doris, Sharstin and Laura!
Our hats have hatched in time for us all to
Hop on Pop!
(More about this later!)

21 February 2012

Good News

I was going to post something entirely different, but this is such good news I just have to share it with all of you:
Danette just posted on her blog that Joseph's PET scan showed that the cancer is almost totally gone. Her quote was "...probable complete remission or very close.."

What a great way to start the day.

I know many of you are praying for Joseph or sending him positive thoughts and healing energy and I thank you for whatever form of love you use. Afterall, it is about wrapping him up in a blanket of pure love and letting him know he has a strong support system.

Of course, Joseph himself is to be credited. He eats whole, organic foods, he exercises above and beyond what the average person does, he meditates daily without fail and does yoga. He does everything possible to create an atmosphere for his body to do its remarkable thing and kick cancer's butt!

So with all of us doing our part, we are faced with good news today.

19 February 2012

Hurtin' for Certain

Our schools are definitely "hurtin' for certain." They need so much and like everything else, all they can do is cut back, cut back, cut back. This photo rather sums up the situation in a visual way:

What is it, you ask?

Scroll down....

 Why, it's a tennis ball, of course!

(Yes, I'll be buying tennis balls when we go to town tomorrow!)

16 February 2012

To: Me.... From: Me

Tulips. I love them. They don't bother my allergies. They don't stink up the house. They brighten my heart. I usually try to buy myself a pot of tulips so I can enjoy them indoors then plant them for the deer to enjoy the rest of the time.
This is the first year that the flowers died 2 days after I bought them.

To: Me .... From: Them
Another first in ages: I had a bag for collecting my valentines. Oh my. It has been awhile since I worked with little ones. I'm so glad I made them all special treats for their bags!

(Yes, they call everyone "Miss". I don't like it but I only have 4 more weeks so they can call me whatever they like, right?)

To: Me ... From: Amy

And then there is the homemade card from Amy. Very, very precious. Thanks, Amy!

To: Me ... From: Jack
Listen, girlfriends, if "he" ain't romantic, you ain't a gonna change him. Trust me. 42 years later and Jack doesn't have a lot of romance in him. There is some. I'll share that later... after my quilting retreat in March!
Anyway, as I left for work, we kissed good-bye and then he gave me an extra kiss and said, "That's for Valentines' Day."
I love him not because of the flowers he doesn't bring - not because of the candy he never brings - but for oh so many, many other reasons! I buy my own flowers and I certainly have my own chocolate stash!

I hope you all had a sweet day.

15 February 2012

Wide Awake

When I cannot sleep and I crawl out of bed and turn the computer on, I usually start with a couple of games to rid my mind of whatever it is that is keeping me awake. It cracks me up because just like now, at 1:00 a.m., the scrolling ads along the side of the site I'm on are all for insomnia!
I mean, how do they know I'm having problems sleeping and not just a night-owl?!

Well, have a grand day, folks. If you see a curly gray-haired woman walking around resembling a Zombie, that would be me....be sure to say "hello"!

08 February 2012

Okay, So I'm a Bit Anal

 I know about the right side of our brains vs the left side of our brains. Supposedly, we use one side of the brain more than the other but I think I must use both about equally.
Sometimes I am so logical, it scares me and I do love logic puzzles. Then there are times where I am creative and just know I'm using my artsy brain.
I see myself getting more and more "anal" about things as I get older. I have "blamed" living with Jack and it rubbing off on me. (He is definitely OCD but will deny it.)

We had a beautiful day on Saturday so I hung a load of clothes outdoors. Here are my socks.
I don't know if this is anal behavior or mere time management. I read once not to handle your mail more than twice. Bring it in, sort it as you look through it, tossing all junk mail immediately and pay bills and send them right back, and all letters to be answered to go in a special place to answer when possible.
I somehow transferred that idea to my laundry. Rather than taking clothes off the line, bringing them indoors to sort and fold, then separate into piles and put away; I pre-sort as I hang them, fold them as they come off the line and they are instantly sorted by what room they go into because I hung them that way!
My socks are hung by the toes. I leave a space until I have the matching sock then I clip it next to its mate. When dry, I roll the tops together, unclip them and toss them on top of my stack of folded clothes!
Jack doesn't like his socks rolled so I just toss those on top of his folded clothes in the basket and deliver to his dresser.

I alphabetized my spices not because I have to have everything in order, but I kept buying spices that I didn't need because I couldn't find them! I no longer buy more than I need.
I do similar organizing with my pantry. I line my canned goods up so I can see behind one another and they are in groups. So you won't find canned pineapple in with soup in my pantry! I also keep a felt marker in my pantry and when I buy items, I write the date on the top. I put the newer ones in the back and scoot the older ones to the front.
Granted, I don't use very many canned goods, but when I do, I label them so they get used.

These habits are just to help my already stressed brain. I don't love being in the kitchen. If I can't find something I need, it is enough to push me into a tailspin and then who knows what we might end up eating for supper! Heaven help us.

The flip flip side of me is that I can live in total chaos as long as it is productive chaos and things are clean  under the chaos, then I'm just fine. So depending upon what side of my brain is yelling the loudest, that's where you'll find me.

06 February 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

We spent most of yesterday at our neighbor's annual Super Bowl party. This year, Sharon set up some games for those who don't follow football. Bless her sweet heart. The food was overflowing and delicious. Several people ended up sick or away so the crowd this year was not much of a crowd at all. We all had a good time and gained weight!
Amy sent me a link with a recipe for Pizza Bubble. Oh my, it was delicious. I took the biscuits and tore them in half so the clumps weren't so large. You can fill them with any type of pizza toppings you normally enjoy. It was packed with flavor.

I also tried making mini tacos but the corn tortillas kept falling apart. Jack had the bright idea of layering them in a 9x13 pan and top it all with cheese and cut them into bites. So they went like hotcakes too. Along with all this other delicious food, why bother with watching t.v.?

Once the finances were sorted out.

And Bill had collected money from all of us, he discovered the chart maker had left off an entire row so 10 more slots opened up!

One thing about being a senior citizen is that gray is the new blonde! I felt right at home.

This was my view for most of the evening.

And then came the desserts.

Tiramisu. Oh yeah. This was amazing.

Me pigging out for the camera!

03 February 2012

My Family is Saved!!!

Saved from what, you ask?
From the Mormon Faith, of course. Check out this web site where Mitt Romney baptized his DEAD.. I repeat: DEAD athiest father-in-law into the Mormon church. This is what Mormons do. They are known for their habit of posthumously converting dead souls.
I know, I lived in a Mormon neighborhood for 18 years. I studied the Mormon faith. I read the Book of Mormon. I read and learned and absorbed Mormonism. I came a breath away from getting baptized in their faith. The only thing stopping me was they told me I had to obey my husband. That just stuck in my craw...if I obeyed him, I would never go to church... so what's with that? Anyway...I did not join. However....

I was worried sick that my family would all be baptized by the Mormons. And of course "Mormon afterlife" is where they are all joined together. No matter how many wives; (Mitt's grandpa had 3 wives in Mexico!...Yes, Mitt comes from immigrants (a cussword in Mitt's dictionary!))... anyway, all those wives will all find their way to their one husband in heaven. (I always wondered what happened if a Mormon woman married and became a widow then she re-married to another Mormon. Which husband would she be joined with in all eternity? Did she get two husbands? Hmmmmmm. That one still bothers me.)

Back to the saving of my family: I consulted my Shaman, a Chumash Medicine Man. He provided me with my very own eagle feather and I picked California White Sage and hit the back yard.
Yup, right there in the midst of all those Mormons, I faithfully and dutifully un-baptized every single one of my relatives that I had or have had or would ever have. Everyone who was blood related to me in the minutest way-shape-or form and everyone who was related to me by marriage -  I un-baptized them from the Mormon Church. From that moment forward and into all eternity and all the way back to the beginning of life itself. If they were related to me, they were no longer Mormon unless they wanted to be!
So Be It!!

Mind you, my relatives are all still baptized in their own chosen faiths. I didn't undo any of that. I believe we all have a choice and I honor those choices. I just do not honor any hocus-pocus about baptizing the dead without asking their permission!

For those of you who are considering voting for Mitt, you better spend some time looking into the Book of Mormon or the Mormon religion.  I am all for freedom of religion, but there is no freedom if someone wants to baptize us all under the same banner without our consent.
Not my cup of tea.

I never wanted my blog to become political or religious, but this is one subject I just cannot turn my back on. Sorry.
And no, I never told my family that I managed to save their souls. They might read this and want to send me thank you notes, I'll check my mailbox next week.

A Day in my Life

My day started early. I screwed up... (moi?!) ... last week when I went to have bloodwork done... I hadn't fasted.

So I set off to get there first in line. Then the sun silhouetted Mount McGloughlin so nicely, I had to find a place to pull over and take a photo. Mmmmm, not as easy at it appeared. I ended up having to back out of what I thought were wide enough driveways, (more than one!).... anyway, I finally managed to snap this photo.
The clouds weren't spectacular, but they looked so soft, they made me think of a fleece blanket. (Mmmm, maybe I should've crawled back to bed this morning!)

The computers were not cooperating at the blood draw place so it took three times longer than normal. And of course, I have new insurance now that I am not working and I am 65 and on Medicare for part of the bill..... I guess, anyway. I'll find out soon enough how much this will cost me!

Then to get my coffee. This is my favorite coffee joint called Brewed Awakenings. Somehow, it is always inviting to me.

Outa my way, folks....I need my java!

My favorite is the $1 Americano. I've tried the others but I always come back to the Americano.

These are our neighbors at school. They are new to the neighborhood. I think they are so dang cute but on warm days, they do kinda stink up the school yard!

Elk Trail School

More neighbors, next to the track the kids walk around.

These are my favorite neighbors, there is a pond hidden from my view. I love to watch them while I'm outdoors.

And this is Rabbit Ears.

Although the surroundings are beautiful and peaceful at work, those little munchkins were just the opposite all day long so this is what I came home to. Rum and diet Coke with a splash of banana flavored schnapps.
Some days are just that way.