21 November 2011

On Leave

We are taking a leave to go to CA to be with Danette, Joseph, Kai and Zoe. Joseph is undergoing chemo as his lymphoma has returned with a vengeance. He has to have one round in his spine then a few days later, more chemo in the rest of his body. Needless to say, he is very sick during this process. Just as he starts feeling stronger, it's time to do it again. Such is the cycle of chemo.
We will go to keep the kids busy and to help wherever possible. It isn't much but it's what Danette needs right now.

Since it's Thanksgiving.... I thought I'd express a few things that I am thankful for. I am thankful for my husband, Jack, who continually amazes me with his talents and skills as an overall builder, cabinetmaker, plumber, electrician, lumberjack, bricklayer, etc.... the list goes on and on. One only has to look around our home and property to see the beauty he has created with his hands. He amazes me too in how he puts up with me!
I am thankful for my daughters. All moms should be blessed with such awesome children.
I am thankful for my family and extended family. The in-laws and the out-laws. I know in my heart that if ever I needed help, all I would have to do is pick up the phone and dial any one of them.
I am thankful for my friends. The older I get, the fewer I have. Those still remaining are like precious gems to me. Again, I know each of them would come running if ever I needed anything.
I'm thankful for living in America. I get frustrated up to my eyeballs with our government but all in all, I feel quite lucky to be living here.
I'll focus on all of you and your goodness this Thanksgiving and shout out an extra Thank You!

I love this photo so much I thought it would be a good one to share. The shadows and golden tone from the early morning sunshine had me rather entranced. If the sun didn't move so quickly, I may have sat there for hours just enjoying the patterns.

20 November 2011

It's Snowing!

(Well..... for ½ an hour anyway.) This is our second "snow" this year. The first was just a dusting two weeks ago and then yesterday. It hung in the trees and stuck to the ground but the sunshine popped out and melted it all away.
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy when the snow does NOT stick. I just enjoy how lovely it looks from the warmth of my home. I do not enjoy the need to dress like the Michelin Man to go outdoors and slush around in it.

2 weeks ago at the library.

The view from my favorite window in the attic closet.

19 November 2011

A Market Bag Spin-off

Okay, now that my BFF Eileen knows the secret about a student's new book bag, I can post this.
This precious 8th grade girl has begged and begged me to make her a dress. She even drew up a design. Well, I didn't want to make her a dress and have her all disappointed so I offered to make her a book bag. She agreed. Then she told me what she wanted on it and what colors and how long the straps had to be, etc. ... and it had to be able to carry her binder and all of her books! Whew! Tall order.
I made the bag and took it to the school office. I had typed up a "contract" with terms for her to sign. She had to agree before seeing the bag or knowing exactly what it was that she would not tell anyone at school where she got the bag or who made it. If she agreed to those terms, she could have the gift.
She signed and got the bag.
She loves it!
Peace Out!!

16 November 2011

Library Busy-ness

Before going to visit Mom, I was up to my eyeballs with the library's annual book sale. Since I'm the president of the Friends of the Library, I needed to be involved every step of the way. I remember last year several of us said we really needed to have two annual sales so we didn't have so many books. Yup, we were saying it again this year. So I'll find a time when the weather is nice and we can throw some tables outside and have another sale. We have to haul them from a storage shed outside the library anyway, so it won't be much further to the parking lot!

Oh, we raised $700. Not bad for a cold, wet, blustery weekend sale.
I have to say it was due to the fantastic volunteers in our little community. They are amazing!

15 November 2011

Sisters and Twins, but not Twin Sisters

I've returned home from a quick visit to Mom's. I even got to see my aunt, my sister, my "twin" brother and his wife, two nieces a grandniece and a grandnephew... all without leaving Mom's! The others were up to their eyeballs with rocks at a rock show!


Oh, you never knew I had a twin brother? Well, check it out..... we are both 65 years old. Is that cool or what? I cannot imagine it, but Mom says it was no problem having us so close together. (Notice she waited 4 years before having another child!)

Actually, we celebrate 13 days every year that we are the same age, then he takes the lead, as usual!
As different as we all are, there is something special about having family around. We might disagree on many subjects but the importance of the love of family is one thing we all agree upon.
Another special thing for me is that my sister-in-laws are like sisters and my brother-in-law is like a fourth brother. It is as if we were all raised together.... strange, but they do fit so well into the quirkiness of the family.

So turning 65 wasn't as painful as I imagined. Being surrounded by family must have been the magic pill I was meant to swallow.
Now..... I'm working towards 66!!

09 November 2011


11.11.11 will be my 65th birthday. I think that makes me an OFFICIAL SENIOR CITIZEN.

Yup, 65 years ago, this beautiful woman, (the one on the left...my sweet niece is on the right), gave birth to me two full months premature on 11.11.1946. The story goes that I was allergic to Mom's milk so I had a black wet nurse. Dad used to tell me that I got my curls from her milk! Then he'd say I got my curls from eating burned food. It came down to the fact that I got my curls from Dad.

65 years. Wow! I honestly thought I would die before my 30th birthday. I seriously believed it. I even had the way I would die all figured out... aka... murder! Oh my! And that was before CSI and all the gore on t.v these days.

So I was wrong. Here I am 65 and Mom is 88. Other than pneumonia right now, she is healthy.
You want to know something? I get to celebrate my 65th birthday with Mom!
I'm hitching a ride with a friend to Washington and will walk, giggle, put puzzles together and love being with Mom.
I don't care if the sun doesn't shine, we shall have three glorious days together.

06 November 2011

Bald Faced Hornets' Nest

One thing about the caterpillars eating all the leaves from the trees: we can see the hornets' nests!

05 November 2011

Living Stump

A living stump is created when a live tree is cut and its stump remains in the ground. The stump and root system may remain alive for several years if its roots graft to nearby living trees.[1] A living stump capable of producing sprouts or cuttings is known as a stool, and is used in the coppicing method of woodland management. (Source: Wikipedia)

For 30 years I have known about living stumps. What I didn't know was that they are common. The only one I was aware of is at the Rogue River Gorge. One day, I was walking back from the mail box when I looked over in our woods and saw a living stump. I was so jazzed. Why hadn't I seen it before? I'm always looking for photo ops. Then I saw another one and another one! These photos are of the first one I discovered.

04 November 2011

Beware of Gifts...They Might Bite You in the Butt

Sure enough, I gave Jack an iTouch for his birthday so he would have more room for all his music. He can also talk to one daughter who has a smart phone via Face Time. So the two of them talk "shop" all the time and I am clueless. I like being clueless sometimes.

But after this morning, I now know I need to do some research and find out just what this iTouch can do. I found out one thing.... it is a recording device.

Jack called me in the living room. He had his iTouch plugged into our stereo system. I thought I was going to have to stand there and listen to yet another singer he has "discovered"! But what came out of those speakers was not music..... it was me snoring. In Dolby Surround Sound nearly full blast!

Oh great. What was I thinking when I gave him this gift? Oh yeah, I was thinking I'd get his old iPod and I could download French lessons and listen to French all day.

I have to admit, it was funny. He got just about every one of my various snores. I didn't know I had different ones, but I most certainly do. So we stood in the living room and had a glorious comic relief moment at my expense. I just hope he doesn't learn how to post to YouTube or I'm in big trouble!