30 June 2011

Our Giants

The West Coast has the most amazing forests of giant redwood trees. Even though greedy people are still cutting these ancient ones down, we are fortunate enough to be able to drive to see them and feel their strength. My sis and her hubby were visiting so we took this adventure together.

We are not actually trying to reach around the tree, we are hugging it for our Auntie Alice who loved the giants.


24 June 2011

International Mail!

I received this lovely marino wool felted bookmark from a blogging friend, Terrie, who lives in Hong Kong. She had a giveaway on her blog and everyone who commented got a sweet gift that was handmade by Terrie.
It was exciting getting mail from the other side of the earth. I can't explain my surprise when I picked up the bookmark and felt its incredible softness. I could melt into it. No wonder a dress in this would feel so good against the skin.
Thank you so much, Terrie, I love it. You are so sweet to share your art with me.

22 June 2011

Summer Solstice Baby

The babies have arrived!

This little guy was born yesterday and he is already running around like a kid with ADHD!
He is so dang cute.
More babes are on the way any day now.

16 June 2011

Retirement Fun

I have received so many well wishes and fun good-bye gifts. This one is from Janice and every time I pass this by in the hallway, I can't help but smile. This little stone and wire figure reminds me of myself. Thanks for the smiles, Jan!

I didn't make it to my union's retirement party but they brought me this great gift in person the following day. Here is a "BBQ in a Bag." It has a ton of seasonings for the grill, for guacamole, mixes for a lemon bar dessert, a slushy drink mix, a bottle of local Ashland wine and even a $25 gift certificate at a local butcher shop. (Yes they sell fish and veggies so I can use it!)
I will have fun putting Jack to work using these items.

The team I worked closest with threw a surprise breakfast filled with good food and good wishes. And the most beautiful dahlia plant ever. (Of course, it was all arranged by BFF Eileen and purchased by her as well. How did I ever get so lucky to work with her?!)

Of course, there are stories that go with these two gifts. They are from my right-hand woman/friend/sister/co-worker, Eileen. According to her, I'm leaving some "big shoes to fill". Well, it's a good thing she has big feet!

These are lovely flowers from our awesome principal. She had attached this cool peace scarf to the bouquet.

Lastly, the staff sunshine fund gave gifts to all of us who were leaving this year... and there were a lot of us! I shall have fun spending this gift. And yes, it is already stashed to spend only in France!


Jack caught me pulling out of the driveway for the last day of work.

I tell folks it was a good ride, now I'm turning around and am headed for a great ride!

14 June 2011

Flexible Husband

I am so lucky to have a husband like mine. Last week, (and this week too), have been so darn crazy; I can't even think straight! I feel like I am on a treadmill that will not stop! I'll show you what I mean by a flexible husband....this was dinner one night:

07 June 2011

What is Red, White, Orange, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Green All Over?

ANSWER:  Our Hills!

Our "spring" is so late this year that the wild flowers are just popping out everywhere. They are about 6 weeks later than normal, but nonetheless still exciting to see. Every year, I photograph the wild flowers, as if they are going to be different from one year to the other! The only thing that is different is me.... much, much older and greyer!
Take a peek:

You might be wondering where the "blue" comes in. Actually, the most purple of them all has a silly name: Blue-Dick. Go figure.
I don't care what they are called, I just love seeing them scattered across our property.
I see I caught a bug diving inside the Pussy-Ears.