29 October 2012

You Know Me...

No matter how many times I see those gas prices, I am still in shock over them. Our recent trip to CA and this is what we paid:

We started out by topping off our gas tank @ $4.01 a gallon. Now this is "cheap" gas and we have to drive 40 miles round trip to get this "good" price.

The next time we gassed up it was $4.40 a gallon. Same brand station (Costco) just a different state.

And further south it jumped again. This time to $4.76 a gallon.  

And of course the options for service add even more to the price.

In Oregon, we are not allowed to pump our own gas but we do wash our own windows.
In CA, you pump your own gas unless you slip into the "full service" lane.
Whatever you do, don't make that mistake unless you are prepared to leave your first-born child at the register while you go empty your ATM to redeem your child!

Some folks say Europe has been paying these prices and then some for years. This is true, but in Europe, their cars go 60 miles on one gallon of petro!
Grrrrr..... (can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine?!)

27 October 2012

I Voted.....Did You?

One thing about Oregon..... we can ONLY vote by mail.
I love it.
We get our voters' pamphlets nice and early then the ballots and we are done.
From here on out, we can toss the ads in the burn barrel and mute the commercials.

Then know that our vote doesn't mean a dang thing. At least not here in Oregon.
It is ALWAYS decided way before the West Coast voting hours are over with.

Every year, we watch the East Coast and Mid-West decide the fate of our country.
 Okay, sometimes California makes a difference but not Washington or Oregon. We might as well secede from the "union.!!

It doesn't seem fair to me.
But then if I remember correctly, only Walt Disney promised happy ever endings. .. and man-o-man, did I bite into that one!

22 October 2012

My Bad

Geeze Louise... I can't just be dumb in my own home; I have to go to California and almost kill my ONLY granddaughter.

Zoe was very sick when we arrived. Her fever was hot and furious. Danette (her mom)  was at work finishing grading some papers. I needed more tylenol-type medicine so I called D and she said she was coming right home and had some in her desk.

So I go to give it to Zoe and ask where it is. D says, "It's the purple bottle on the counter."
Great......(now mind you, both bottles were turned around and I didn't READ any labels. I just grabbed the closest and biggest bottle.)

Uh huh....I mader her take a teaspoon of bubble bath!

Here she is gurgling and spitting bubbles.
Luckily for me, she is one smart cookie and only swallowed a tiny bit because it tasted like soap!
Seriously, bubbles came out from between her teeth for a long time.

I may not be trusted to administer any type of first aid or "doctoring" any time soon.

Poor babe....stuck with me for her Gramie.

12 October 2012

Time to Return to France

I bought this in Paris, France 6½ years ago. I have used it sparingly and it is finally gone.
I can't find anything like it here in the U.S. so it's time to go back to France!

10 October 2012

Mohawk Rock

As I came back from the clothesline awhile back, I looked up to see the sun shining on this big rock above our house.
The grass growing from the top of the rock made it look like it was sporting a mohawk hairdo.
Camera time!!!

07 October 2012

Dowsing for Fabric

When I was young....very young...like 10 or 11 years old, I lost something. (I can't remember what it was right now, but it was important enough for me to complain about losing it.) My Aunt Ruby was visiting and she said she could find it. She proceeded to tie a metal washer onto a string and began dowsing. She found my lost item in nothing flat.
I was amazed. I asked her to teach me now to do it and she did. She told me to hang something heavy on the end of a string and then think about the item I had lost. The washer would start swinging when I got near my lost item.

Over the years, I have probably dowsed for lost items about 20 times and every time, I have found what I was searching for very quickly. As soon as I found the item, I would promptly forget how easy it was to dowse and when I lost things, I would just turn my house upside down. I only dowse as a last resort. I guess I enjoy turning things inside-out!

SooooOOoo, last week, I couldn't find some fabrics. I had them all together so I could make a new quilt.
I have a lovely sewing room. Mostly organized. I have 8 cupboards with fabric in them and 8 cupboards without fabric. I couldn't for the life of me find that stack of fabric I wanted.
Sure enough, it bothered me so much, at 2:00 a.m., I got out of bed and searched all night for my lost fabric. I turned the guest bedroom upside down. No luck.

Then Saturday, I talked to my sister, Ina, and told her I should just go dowse for it. I hung up the phone and looked for a heavy weight. I couldn't locate string so I used this notebook ring and an old key chain.
I held the large ring like this:

Then I opened my fabric cupboards and thought about my lovely missing fabrics.
Nothing. The key chain moved only slightly.

Then I stood in front of my craft cupboards. I did not open the doors because I KNEW the fabric was NOT in there. I had looked too many times already and besides, I NEVER put fabrics in my CRAFT cupboards!
When I held the keychain in front of the lower cupboards, it began to swing.
I opened the doors and held the key chain in front of each row of CRAFT supplies.
Sure enough...right there on the right, 3rd shelf down...see the blue basket with yarn?
The key chain went nuts there.
I pulled out the basket. Still knowing I had NO FABRIC in there.....

...except for the fabric I was looking for. There it was.

Next time I lose something, I hope to shout I will remember to dowse for it!

Thanks, Aunt Ruby, you are a good teacher!

06 October 2012

Girls' Day Out

Off to a quilt show in Hugo, OR. It is a sweet little quilt show in an old one-room school house. Lots of talent in that little building. I look forward to the show every year.

I can count on seeing traditional, hand quilted quilts.

..or traditional and machine quilted quilts.

There are always humorous art quilts. This one is by an award winning quilter.

Colorful, art quilts with embellishments are eye catchers.

This lovely one made me think of water color paintings.

Like I said, talent galore.

Half of the fun is shopping at the vendors outdoors. You neveer know what to expect. Jack used to sell his wood quilt racks but now only does custom orders.

Checking out the bargains.....

A good day with good friends.

04 October 2012

Hard Day's Reward

Seriously, Jack has been working my butt off lately and as you may know, I don't have one to work off to begin with. (Unless I keep up with the Wiggly Walking!)

He cut down dead trees along a steep hillside then sawed them up into log sizes to burn in his shop this winter. I told him I would hemp him schlep them up the hill. Oh dear, my body is sorry I made that offer!

I will say he is very, VERY appreciative of my help. He mentioned that he couldn't think of too many wives who would have helped with such a job. We've been hammering away at it every morning until I cannot climb one more step and I yell, "Enough!"

So after today's call of "enough", I came up to the house and showered. He went to the shop to WORK some more. I don't know how he does it.... anyway, he calls me and says, "Sandee, come on down and we'll pick apples and bring the camera. I have a perfect photo for your blog!"

I told him there wasn't enough money in the world to get me to walk to the shop today. I was glued to my house. The apples can wait until Saturday and the photo op will have to wait too.

He agreed after many attempts to get me to mooooove. Instead, I stayed inside, he brought the photo op to me.....
What a nice reward after such a tough morning.
I love living where we do.

This is the most amazing wasp nest I've ever seen. They started along the branch of the madrone tree and incorporated the leaves into their next. VERY COOL!!

01 October 2012

2 Months and Spots are Gone

No... silly, not my spots, the fawn's spots! (Don't I wish I could get rid of unwanted spots in just 60 days.... sigh!)

So the fawn's spots are gone and a fuzzy coat is starting to grow for winter. Amazing how fast they grow. Luckily, Mom and baby are still together.
Well, not so lucky for my succulents - as someone has acquired a taste for them!
Go figure!

July 27th - first glimpse of this little one... born later than the rest.

July 28th

September 29th