22 October 2012

My Bad

Geeze Louise... I can't just be dumb in my own home; I have to go to California and almost kill my ONLY granddaughter.

Zoe was very sick when we arrived. Her fever was hot and furious. Danette (her mom)  was at work finishing grading some papers. I needed more tylenol-type medicine so I called D and she said she was coming right home and had some in her desk.

So I go to give it to Zoe and ask where it is. D says, "It's the purple bottle on the counter."
Great......(now mind you, both bottles were turned around and I didn't READ any labels. I just grabbed the closest and biggest bottle.)

Uh huh....I mader her take a teaspoon of bubble bath!

Here she is gurgling and spitting bubbles.
Luckily for me, she is one smart cookie and only swallowed a tiny bit because it tasted like soap!
Seriously, bubbles came out from between her teeth for a long time.

I may not be trusted to administer any type of first aid or "doctoring" any time soon.

Poor babe....stuck with me for her Gramie.

12 October 2012

Time to Return to France

I bought this in Paris, France 6½ years ago. I have used it sparingly and it is finally gone.
I can't find anything like it here in the U.S. so it's time to go back to France!