07 May 2012

13 Little Bags

It all started when one sweet little 7 year old at school was saving her good behavior tickets to purchase a tiny pink camoflage bag. I told her to spend her tickets on something else because I could make her an even nicer bag. Then I got sick and didn't return to that school.

I did make the bag once I was off the couch. I had someone take it up to her.
About a month or so later, I went to visit the kids and teachers. (Big mistake!) This little sweetie had told all her classmates I made her a bag. So all the girls wanted one.
I decided to make them all the same bag with different handles. There were 12 girls in the class so they all got one.

Now all the little boys are mad at me because I "like the girls best"!!
Oh boy.

06 May 2012

Hairy Nest

A little Chickadee is busy gathering materials to make a nest. S/he has decided to line it with cat hair. To be more specific, my cat's hair. I keep a mat by the kitchen door and Hook grooms himself upon it, leaving clumps of cat hair for me to clean up. Well, lucky me... the Chickadee is doing it for me!