25 April 2011


Here's a riddle for you:

When does this:

Equal this?

When your husband decides to swap out the old microwave for a new convection oven/microwave and invents this great contraption and says, "Honey, you won't have to lift a thing."
Uh huh.....
I helped get the old one out, but getting the new one in was another story.
I had to hit the tub with bath salts and hot, hot water. He had to call a friend to come and help. A friend with muscles and who is taller than I am. (Which doesn't take much since I am the short wimp of the world!)

But it is in and the new stainless steel looks all shiny and nice.

20 April 2011

Finally, I Passed the Big 4-0 Mark!

No, I do not mean 40 years, but 40 days  ... Yup....just 39 working days left. I am sooooOOooo ready!

19 April 2011

Traveling Purple Pants

A girl at school arrived in these cute purple pants. Next thing you knew, a boy arrived wearing identical pants. Other boys started to tease him about wearing girlie pants. He was so cool, he just responded with, "Of course they are....they are my sister's and I wore them as a joke!"
The following day, a different boy was wearing the pants. They continued to be passed from one boy to another. The amazing thing is that no matter how big or small the boy was, the pants fit!
Ah hah! An invitation to me for sure.

17 April 2011

Different Strokes...

My mother-in-law is visiting and her travel makeup adds up to more than I own! (Okay, I have lots and lots of lipstick tubes because afterall, I do put it on once a day on work days!)
Anyway, I stood there looking at her makeup and thought about how different we all are. I have tried to learn how to wear makeup but it is just a lost art form on me. My mom only wears lipstick and I guess since she was my role model, I didn't learn anything about makeup growing up. I try from time to time but it seems so unnatural to me. My sister doesn't wear makeup either.
Hmmmm, think of the money we have saved over the years. Maybe I should take "my savings" and go buy something special.
And by the way, the Hemp hand lotion is mine.

16 April 2011

Mother-Other's Visit

My mother-in-law is visiting for a week. She is so funny. She cracks little remarks that are subtle yet makes one laugh. She said she had never hung clothes on a rack before so Jack handed her the laundry basket and told her to "have at it"! She had a hard time trying to figure out why I do not use my clothes dryer.
(a) I save money by not using the dryer.
(b) I love, love, love the act of hanging clothes out to dry.
(c) Hanging clothes brings back memories from when I was a kid....good memories.
She is also keeping me company in the kitchen as I try to get 600 cookies baked. Yes, you read that correctly. I have 367 done so far and I needed to stop. I'll just work on them some more tomorrow and when I get home from work during the week. (More on that later).

 Here she is working a word puzzle. Jack's sis told her to do one a day, just like her vitamins!

Now, see, she has a smile on her face! I think she enjoyed the process!

08 April 2011


IHF: I Hate Fridays. I know, I know... most folks say, "TGIF", but I'm not most folks.
Fridays to me mean nothing more than time for chores. I have to start organizing my time to get everything done in two days. Considering shopping takes us at a minimum of 8 hours, that takes most of one day. So I'll do a load of wash tonight and hang it in front of the fire.
As I walked through the house looking at what needed to be done, I caught a glimpse of this guy hanging out for his/her next meal. Ha! Eat well tonight, spider, because tomorrow you will be escorted outdoors and your web will be sucked into the darkness of my vacuum hose.
The best news is I only have 9 more Fridays in my working career. Hoooo! Hooooo! Then I can spread those chores out across the days of the weeks like blocks in a quilt! I am so ready......

Think Again

You may think that Lucille Ball died years ago. Think again, my friends; she didn't die, she merely came to live inside of me. Every time I mess up in the kitchen, I get flashes of episodes of Lucy in her kitchen. Remember the one where she cooked rice and it just kept swelling and swelling until the rice had a life of its own and took over her kitchen? Well, I've done that with beans, trying to make a "pretty" bean soup. I kept adding different colors of beans until it was artistic enough for me. Those beans soaked up all the water I had in my pan and got to the top of the pan in no time. I must have had four pans on my stove soaking beans in them. When my poor family asked what was for dinner for the next two months, I'd growl and answer, "Bean soup, don't ask again."

Well, Lucy is still with me whenever I get serious in my kitchen. I found this cute little package of what I thought was whole wheat flour in my cupboard. I dumped it into my flour container and mixed it in. Come Sunday, Jack wanted to make waffles but couldn't find our Buckwheat Waffle Mix. Uh huh. It was in my flour. To appease him, I made an apple pie. Well, it had a crust-like top and bottom and it had apples inside but it wouldn't win any awards at the county fair. The flour wouldn't hold together. I had to make a ball and press it into the pie pan. It just wouldn't roll out.

I baked it as if it would work anyway. I mean, how bad could a buckwheat apple waffle pie taste? And to our delight, it tasted just fine. (Thanks, Lucille!) The crust wouldn't hold together, I had to eat mine with a spoon. But it was still good. I'm going to try baking cookies and see what happens to them. I might end up with a lot of ice cream crumbled toppings, but Jack will eat them!

03 April 2011

Remodel is Moving Along...

As of last night, we are back in our own bedroom and using our master bathroom again! I am still hauling things back upstairs. This will be a project because I don't even remember where I stashed everything! Then I get some things organized and Jack builds new shelving and I have to move things again. But it's all good. In fact, it is wonderful. The only things missing are towel bars.
I have such a HUGE pile going to the Good Will for others to enjoy! I figure from now on, I have to try very, very hard to live by this motto:
If I bring something into the house, two items have to leave the house.
Once I get things streamlined, I can revisit and revise my motto... maybe one thing in and one thing out...that would be nice. I guess we are never too old to start new habits!
So check this out:

 Jack used a wood called Austrailian Lace Wood. It is redder than I had expected, but he loves it. I'm just delighted that he can build beautiful things like this. The drawers extend completely and glide so smoothly.
He installed some lights under the vanity with a motion sensor so when you walk into the bathroom, the lights go on. They turn off automatically after one minute. This is so he can see where he is going when he gets up in the middle of the night to pee!
I am in love with the pocket door to the closet.
Once the closet is organized, I'll share a photo of that with y'all.
Yes, the guest room is available once again!

01 April 2011

A Day Named Named Just For Me

April Fools' Day
Yup, that's my day alright.
I always get fooled and I always end up looking (and sometimes acting) like a fool.
Today was certainly no exception.
Yesterday, the kitchen cook ran out of coffee that she usually has ready for staff members. I went to the store and bought some more for her.
I carried my empty cup in this morning and flipped up the spout to pour a coup of java.
Cook Tami called me over to tell me something and much later, we walked back into the kitchen to find the coffee had continued to pour, and pour, and pour into my cup and out of my cup! All over the counter, down the front and into every HUGE drawer filled with utensils and then onto the floor.
We started laughing so hard, we could hardly clean the mess.
Luckily for me, I had bought the coffee and it wasn't "her" coffee I was wasting!
What a way to start April Fools' Day.
(Well, actually, it started with Jack telling me all about this dream he had about him and Angelina Jolie and how they were intimate. I said, "I'm happy for the two of you." Then he says, "April Fools".
Sure.....leave me with an image of my husband and Angelina to conjur up all day long. That bum!