08 April 2011

Think Again

You may think that Lucille Ball died years ago. Think again, my friends; she didn't die, she merely came to live inside of me. Every time I mess up in the kitchen, I get flashes of episodes of Lucy in her kitchen. Remember the one where she cooked rice and it just kept swelling and swelling until the rice had a life of its own and took over her kitchen? Well, I've done that with beans, trying to make a "pretty" bean soup. I kept adding different colors of beans until it was artistic enough for me. Those beans soaked up all the water I had in my pan and got to the top of the pan in no time. I must have had four pans on my stove soaking beans in them. When my poor family asked what was for dinner for the next two months, I'd growl and answer, "Bean soup, don't ask again."

Well, Lucy is still with me whenever I get serious in my kitchen. I found this cute little package of what I thought was whole wheat flour in my cupboard. I dumped it into my flour container and mixed it in. Come Sunday, Jack wanted to make waffles but couldn't find our Buckwheat Waffle Mix. Uh huh. It was in my flour. To appease him, I made an apple pie. Well, it had a crust-like top and bottom and it had apples inside but it wouldn't win any awards at the county fair. The flour wouldn't hold together. I had to make a ball and press it into the pie pan. It just wouldn't roll out.

I baked it as if it would work anyway. I mean, how bad could a buckwheat apple waffle pie taste? And to our delight, it tasted just fine. (Thanks, Lucille!) The crust wouldn't hold together, I had to eat mine with a spoon. But it was still good. I'm going to try baking cookies and see what happens to them. I might end up with a lot of ice cream crumbled toppings, but Jack will eat them!


soggibottom said...

I always love someone who enjoys themselves in the kitchen. Lucy or not :-) It looks good enough to eat to me :-)xxx

Kate Wille said...

Richard had the same exact experience with beans Sandee, we had chili and bean soup FOR DAYS! I think he still has some in his freezer. As for the pie, my philosophy has always been "if it tastes good, who cares?"

Amy said...

The pie looks yummy.....but I must say that it wasn't Lucy who made the rice, it was Ricky. When the girls went to work at the candy place & the guys stayed home to keep house & cook. Ricky TRIED to make Arroz con pollo. He & Fred figured a pound of rice per person would be enough.....so he cooked FOUR POUNDS of rice!!