28 March 2010

Colors and Textures of Nature

California always amazes me. The variety of plants, trees, fruits, veggies and people are fun to observe. I walked to Zoe's school and found such bright colors growing in front yards; I dashed home and grabbed my camera. The textures of the palm trees never bore me. I lived in So. CA for 23 years and never lost the "WOW" factor each time I looked at palm or citrus trees. Every time I see them I feel that rush that I felt the first time I saw palms and citrus trees growing in back yards. . . (1969). What an incredible world we live in.

Come on...it's like a florist shop in every other yard!

27 March 2010

California Visit

Spring break was spent in California visiting our girls and grandkids. It seems I only took videos of Danette's kids so here are Kari's boys.
Kari - home after a day at work. Sadly, she is one of the 27,000 teachers who were laid off in California this past month. Who will be left to teach our kids?

Jarod's freckles. 3rd grader

Jacob's freckles and shaggy hair, (due to be trimmed this weekend.) 6th grader

Josh's curly hair. 8th grader
...how fast they grow up.

16 March 2010

My heroes - The Lone Ranger and Tonto and Jack (not necessarily in that order!)
When I come home after a Bad Day at Black Rock - I open the door and hear the William Tell Overture blasting away in full volume from our stereo. Jack just knows when to play it for me.
The Lone Ranger and Tonto have been my heroes for as long as I can remember. I love them.
For my 30th birthday, I decided I was worth some awesome gifts. I never asked for anything from Jack, and back then I didn't receive a H--- of a lot either, so I put down my "demands" with a note saying I was worth every single thing on my list!
My list went something like this: an art book, some art pencils, a silver wedding band because I am so not a gold/diamonds kinda gal and lastly, I wanted to meet the Lone Ranger!
Well, I got everything on my list except Clayton Moore. I was one very happy camper because the latter item was just for fun!
Then one day, Jack says, "I need to go pick up something from a buddy, do you want to go along with me?"
I said sure and away we went. We pulled up in front of a townhouse and as we entered the gate, out came .... I am serious here... The Lone Ranger --- Clayton Moore in person... mask and all!!!
(Be still my heart!)
Jack really came through. (40 years later, I can say "again, and again, and again he comes through for me!!!)
SooooOOOooo ... long story short : I was absolutely spellbound.
(So why am I telling you this now? Because he is playing the William Tell Overture for me right this very moment..... gotta love this man of mine!)

15 March 2010

Friends ...

When family isn't near, your friends are your family. I am a wealthy woman. My co-worker and co-heart in "crime", Eileen, placed these on my desk on Friday when she found out about Buckshot. They had a pretty butterfly on them too but somehow, he took flight before I got the bouquet home. Are these stunning colors or what? Thanks, Eileen.

Then on Friday night, a car pulls up and it is Jack's friend with a cell phone to use on Sunday because our telephone is out. I know we should get a cell phone, but I refuse to pay over $30 a month for something we will only use a couple times a month. We tried the prepaid one and our 3 calls on it in 3 months cost us $5 per call. I figure for that, I can drive around and find a pay phone. They are a nuisance. You have to remember to bring it with you, to charge it, to turn it on, to turn it off. I don't know, I'm just not a cell phone kinda gal. I'm more the stick-the-cardboard-window-shade in your car window with the "Need help - call police" facing out. Someone will call for help, right?!

12 March 2010

Sadness Prevails

I had to say farewell to Buckshot this morning. He was bleeding from both nostrils when I went down to feed him and he had not eaten a thing since yesterday afternoon.
Jack told me he would make all the arrangements and he did. (Where did I find that man? He is the best in the world.)
The vet said I had made the right choice to put Buckshot down because he was jaundiced and dieing from most likely a tumor on his liver.
I don't even know how I made it through the day other than the kids were very compassionate and I was surrounded with love and hugs from everyone.

I'll never forget the day I bought Buckshot. I took one look and fell madly in love. I rode him around a barn and through some cows in a field. He took off running and I never did tell anyone that I couldn't stop him even though I tried my best! And I still put my money down. Then he wouldn't load in the horse trailer... should have been another sign but oh how I wanted that beautiful Arab/Paint gelding!
His name was "Buck". (I still didn't get the clue!) When I rode him and he bucked every time, I finally realized I may have bit off more than I could chew. Instead, Jack suggested I rename him to Buckshot so I did. Then I worked on him to stop that nasty habit of bucking.
Worked like a charm. Once we were on the same page, he never bucked with me or anyone else on his back ever again.
He came when I whistled, no matter how far away he was or no matter what he was doing. He was always eager to greet me in person and exchange some loving.

He turned out to be the most gentle and kind horse ever. The kids could walk between his legs, he was so mellow. And he loved to give them a ride on his back.

He followed us around like a dog. No matter where we went, Buckshot was there.
He was my place of refuge.
He was my buddy.
He was the balm on my rotten days.
I'm going to miss him something fierce.

(For those of you trying to call me....our phones are all out. So e-mail me for now.)

Another Kind of Friend

Jack was so upset last week when the zipper from his work coat broke and he couldn't fix it. The zipper was stuck 3/4 of the way down. He said it was sort of like losing a friend.
I came home one afternoon and he was excited. He had figured a way to wear the jacket; he hammered the zipper off and now uses just the snaps.
I kept trying to convince him to get another coat but he wouldn't go for that. He explained that this army jacket has been with him since 1968, (longer than the two of us!) It went to Viet Nam with him and fortunately for all who love and adore Jack, it came home with him!
I had to photograph it so you can see how stained and worn it is. It is certainly one of his work uniforms! Just the fact that it still fits him is amazing to me.

07 March 2010

Count 'em... 3 Strikes and 4 Spares

We went bowling with the staff from school last night. Jack can't bowl because of his back so he watched and cheered me on to the highest score ever for me... 162! What fun! I've never hit so many pins down in one game and it felt great. Of course, I don't know what the heck I did to achieve what I did, but who cares? Jack got a printout of my game so I can show it off at work!
We all had so much fun, I do believe we will do this again before the school year is over.

06 March 2010

Loyal Friend

Buckshot has been hanging on every day. He doesn't eat but he does drink water. Today, we managed to get him up to the horse stalls.
The entire time he was down in the woods, Desi would stay by his side. She would spend the nights laying down next to the stand of trees that he had tucked himself in between.
She is a loyal friend to him. I think it is thanks to her that he is still hanging in there.

04 March 2010

Horse Relapse

I had to come home from work early today; Buckshot had a relapse. I couldn't find him this morning, meaning he was down in the wash. I was afraid a cougar had gotten him so I didn't go looking. Instead, I called Jack and he found Buckshot in the woods. Jack managed to get him out in the field about 20' and that was it. Then Jack and our cowboy neighbor just couldn't get B to move. They took him water and alfalfa. I got home and managed to get him another 20' but by that time, he was panting and sweating. It does not look good.
I am so sad, I cannot even explain it. He is my "halcyon". My place of refuge. I start my days by breathing in the sweet smell of his horse scent and I end my day with the same. When things are tough, all I have to do is bury my nose in his neck and I'm better. Some folks get massages or go workout. I smell my horse.
I don't think he is going to pull through whatever this damn thing is he has. For once in my life, I hope I am wrong!

03 March 2010

Another Clean Corner

Okay, here's the new computer space. The cabinet is ripped out and installed in the basement. I'm happy to report that it is still empty! It makes a nice landing spot for my cat.
I hope to wrap up the rest of the sewing/computer/art/project room this weekend and take a photo to prove that I did it!
HORSE update: He is moving a little bit better than yesterday but still isn't interested in his oats or hay. He nibbles on the new sprouts coming up on the field so I know he isn't going hungry. Plus, I'm still shoveling manure, just not as much of it!
ATTIC clarification: Amy thought it was my only attic. (Silly her.) We have an attic of sorts in the barn and I can safely say that I only have a few old boxes up there. Jack has added some and he claims several are empty. That will be a summer project. I want it emptied as well. I believe I have a small box of old letters, one of some old yearbooks and that might be it for me. Anything I keep will be brought into the house AFTER I make a space for it! Then Jack has a box with army stuff in it and who knows what else.
So my house attic is empty but the barn attic/loft is not. Yet.

02 March 2010

e-mail ready

Okay, those of you who e-mail me, please do so once again. Our e-mail program is loaded and running. The only thing is we lost all our e-mail addresses!
Buckshot is still sick. I have him locked up in his stall because Desi wants to eat his oats laced with meds. If I leave the meds in long enough, Buckshot will eat them. It is so sad seeing him so down. The vet says it feels like the flu to him so I do understand his not wanting to eat much.