04 March 2010

Horse Relapse

I had to come home from work early today; Buckshot had a relapse. I couldn't find him this morning, meaning he was down in the wash. I was afraid a cougar had gotten him so I didn't go looking. Instead, I called Jack and he found Buckshot in the woods. Jack managed to get him out in the field about 20' and that was it. Then Jack and our cowboy neighbor just couldn't get B to move. They took him water and alfalfa. I got home and managed to get him another 20' but by that time, he was panting and sweating. It does not look good.
I am so sad, I cannot even explain it. He is my "halcyon". My place of refuge. I start my days by breathing in the sweet smell of his horse scent and I end my day with the same. When things are tough, all I have to do is bury my nose in his neck and I'm better. Some folks get massages or go workout. I smell my horse.
I don't think he is going to pull through whatever this damn thing is he has. For once in my life, I hope I am wrong!