03 March 2010

Another Clean Corner

Okay, here's the new computer space. The cabinet is ripped out and installed in the basement. I'm happy to report that it is still empty! It makes a nice landing spot for my cat.
I hope to wrap up the rest of the sewing/computer/art/project room this weekend and take a photo to prove that I did it!
HORSE update: He is moving a little bit better than yesterday but still isn't interested in his oats or hay. He nibbles on the new sprouts coming up on the field so I know he isn't going hungry. Plus, I'm still shoveling manure, just not as much of it!
ATTIC clarification: Amy thought it was my only attic. (Silly her.) We have an attic of sorts in the barn and I can safely say that I only have a few old boxes up there. Jack has added some and he claims several are empty. That will be a summer project. I want it emptied as well. I believe I have a small box of old letters, one of some old yearbooks and that might be it for me. Anything I keep will be brought into the house AFTER I make a space for it! Then Jack has a box with army stuff in it and who knows what else.
So my house attic is empty but the barn attic/loft is not. Yet.