28 September 2012

Wiggly Walker

I'm sure you have noticed women who wiggle their butts when they walk. It amazes me how some of them sway so far to one side but they don't fall over. Not to mention wiggling like that while wearing 6" heels!
Well, I don't wiggle much. I know, because I watched my shadow today coming up from the mailbox. Nope...not hardly a sway.
Then I noticed some bulges on my shadow near my waist line. (Notice, the bulges are ONLY on my shadow!) Uh huh.....I need to shed some pounds or some bulges!
So I started thinking....I bet wiggling my butt would help burn more calories and who knows, it might even build up my flat butt.

I began to wiggle. And I wiggled and I swayed as I walked up the hill. Oooooh, I could feel those calories burning those bulges right off!

Then I started limping. Next thing I knew, my right hip was killing me. I was limping like a 3-legged dog! I must have wiggled myself out of alignment!
So I stopped wiggling and slowed my pace and gimped the rest of the way home.
So much for burning extra calories.

27 September 2012

Our "Orchard"

Our little orchard either produces fruit or it doesn't. Period. We never know. This year, there were cherries; last year we had none. This year we had no pears; last year we had a few.
This year we have tons of apples....okay, they are "mini" apples, but they are apples. Last year we had not a one. And this year, we had one peach... the size of an apricot and Mmmmm Mmmmm, was it ever delicious! All one mouthful of it.
So we just picked our Golden Delicious. These are so sweet and tasty. For me, it takes about 4-5 bites and the apple is gone. For Jack it takes 3-4 bites. And for my horse, one bite and it's history!

25 September 2012

New Bag

Here's my latest bag. I wanted one that wasn't so HUGE so I wouldn't drop everything into it.
I wanted black and white but my stash was very low in that department. So I decided to start cutting and when I couldn't cut any more strips, I would be done with my bag.
I like it.
.... a lot!

I made a sleeve to hold my water bottle. You will note that I do NOT have a pocket for a cell phone. I HATE cell phones and don't want one to follow me around wherever I go! Nope... my pockets are for tablets, erasers, pencils, kleenex and aspirin. You know, the IMPORTANT things in life!

And my little "snap" bags for my art supplies.
Oh yeah..... I am so thankful for my sewing machine, my sewing room, and the ability to create things out of fabric. The training, the time, money, desire, energy....all that... I am thankful for.
And for my dad who taught me how to use my first treddle sewing machine!... and for my next door neighbor who helped me to read patterns. I was a fortunate teenager and I am a fortunate grandmother.
(All this because of a bag!)

24 September 2012

Do Dwarf Fruit Trees Grow Dwarf Fruit?

ANSWER: In our neck of the orchard, in the year 2012; YES!

The two "normal" size apples at each end come from a friend's orchard while our WA Delicious and Granny Smith are teensy weensy. Three bites literally took care of the Delicious!
But I guess tiny apples are better than no apples.

23 September 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I got to sub at the elementary school on Friday. I was outside doing recess duty when one little munchkin said, "Sandee, why is your hair all white?"
I replied, "Because I'm old. But it isn't all white, I have some brown underneath."
She made me show her my brown hair. I did and she announced, "Your hair is young underneath just like you!"
(Yes, I did invite her to come and live with me for the rest of her life and she just giggled and ran off across the playground.)

17 September 2012

15 September 2012

How Do You Eat Your Corn?

Bar-B-Q'd sea bass and corn on the cob. Mmmm, perfect dinner. (And Jack made it so that makes it even MORE perfect!)

We were nearly finished eating when I spied a Blog Moment! I yelled: "Stop eating!" and ran for the camera.

As you can see, Jack eats his corn like a cartoon character at a typewriter.... from one side to the other. (Ding!) I can almost hear the antique typewriter's bell going off!

While I, on the other hand, eat mine around in circles. One revolution on each side, thus making handles for me to grasp.

And just how do you eat your corn from off the cob? In straight lines, circles or do you bite down wherever your teeth land?

13 September 2012

Shoe-Lovin' Cat

I can't take my shoes off without Hook crawling into them! These old Berkinstocks have been around so long, I've even had them re-soled. I kick them off when I'm in the swing or in the hammock. So this evening, I was swinging in the hammock when Hook started tossing my shoe around.

Maybe it's time I buy some new shoes and put mine in his cat bed to curl up with!
What a Doofus!

11 September 2012

Homemade Veggie Burgers

Daughter, Danette, gave me this recipe several years ago. I remembered making these vegetarian burgers but had forgotten just how tasty they were. I'm definitely going to keep this recipe within reach from now on.

1/2 Cup oatmeal
3/4 Cup cooked brown rice
1/2 Cup chopped onions
1/2 Cup chopped walnuts
1-1/2 Tablespoons soy sauce (I use Bragg's Amino Acids)
2 Tablespoons whole wheat flour
1 Tablespoon tahini (optional ... a pasty butter substitute)
1/2 Cup dulse (optional ... sea weed)

Mix well, add water to form patties. (They really need working to hold together. Adding one egg might help to hold together but I can't vouch for the flavor with the egg!)

Cook in a skillet with a little olive oil.

05 September 2012


Our pear trees produced nothing this year. Rarely do we get any.
But our generous neighbors' tree was VERY productive.

To think, Cezanne would spend his last franc for a piece of fruit to paint.
He would paint it from every possible angle, in every possible light until the fruit was no longer good.