28 September 2012

Wiggly Walker

I'm sure you have noticed women who wiggle their butts when they walk. It amazes me how some of them sway so far to one side but they don't fall over. Not to mention wiggling like that while wearing 6" heels!
Well, I don't wiggle much. I know, because I watched my shadow today coming up from the mailbox. Nope...not hardly a sway.
Then I noticed some bulges on my shadow near my waist line. (Notice, the bulges are ONLY on my shadow!) Uh huh.....I need to shed some pounds or some bulges!
So I started thinking....I bet wiggling my butt would help burn more calories and who knows, it might even build up my flat butt.

I began to wiggle. And I wiggled and I swayed as I walked up the hill. Oooooh, I could feel those calories burning those bulges right off!

Then I started limping. Next thing I knew, my right hip was killing me. I was limping like a 3-legged dog! I must have wiggled myself out of alignment!
So I stopped wiggling and slowed my pace and gimped the rest of the way home.
So much for burning extra calories.


Amy said...

OMG.....you totally have me laughing here! I guess I need to wiggle when I walk too.

Soggibottom said...

Catching up with your other posts now :-) No, limping doesn't help babes :-) :-) You have to re train your arms to stop putting things in your mouth :-) :-) :-)