23 September 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I got to sub at the elementary school on Friday. I was outside doing recess duty when one little munchkin said, "Sandee, why is your hair all white?"
I replied, "Because I'm old. But it isn't all white, I have some brown underneath."
She made me show her my brown hair. I did and she announced, "Your hair is young underneath just like you!"
(Yes, I did invite her to come and live with me for the rest of her life and she just giggled and ran off across the playground.)

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Terrie said...

Sweet girl she is and you too. For you American, white is silver and doesn't look too odd. For me Oriental black to white is old. I hate myself for almost half grey. Have to do color once in a quarter. So irritated. Thought of cutting short and let all grey.