30 June 2009

#180 Little pleasures

Getting ready for company - cleaning, organizing, etc.
Little pleasures in a common task such as dusting.

29 June 2009

#180 - Bev Doolittle in real life

Buckshot - my very own Bev Doolittle.

28 June 2009

#179 Best photos of all...

What a precious boy to come "home" to.
...and is there anything better than a new lost tooth?

...or hair? D even had her eyebrows waxed...OMG! She has energy and is jogging again.
Ah, life is good.

#178 To sum it all up...

My favorite beer and my favorite weather.

Don't wake me for about a year....

Houston again...for a 7 hour layover!!

#177 PM continued

Sunrise over the water.
We stayed an extra three days past P and R and we had turned in the rental car so we decided to try the local busses. Way too fun.

Roots of a tree in the jungle.

#177 - Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos from the ponga.
Scuba diving off the barrier reef.

Our motel patio.

Too good to be true.

#176 Back to the resort

I have to do some research and find what these are growing off the pier.
This pier was at the resort.

It was all I could do to NOT go parasailing.

But the poolside just beckoned me.

This is a pothos. A common houseplant and it grew outdoors and the leaves got huge.

#175 Basking on sun and food

#174 Colorful Yucatan

This one ought to be on HGTV's "Extreme Homes"
Oh boy.

Strange combo.

#173 continued

This is a huge ball court. The games were played and the winner was sacrificed to the gods.

The umbrella was for the sun not the rain on this day. It was extremely hot inland.

#173 Do you know the way to Chechenitza?

The drive was 2½ hours by car along a very expensive toll road. There were few cars and fewer places to turn around or get off the highway.

Chichenitza is only 30% uncovered so digs are happening all the time.

Impressive or what?

#172 .. but officer....

Here we are waiting for my brother to do some marketing as he parked us in a no parking zone. Not only that, it was a bus zone! I think at least 8 small busses stopped there as we waited.

Then we go to Playa del Carmen and find our rear license plate has been taken by the police because we parked by a yellow curb. We were told by locals that it was okay and the street was lined with cars parked next to yellow curbs. Guess they saw the rental car sticker and knew they had a tourista.

The procedure is to find the police station, which was an adventure in itself, then try and find the entrance to the station. Crazy. Then pay your fine and wait for the police officer to return to the station with your plates. Second infraction, they take the front plate off and the fine doubles or triples...who knows.
We did get a few laughs out of this one.

#171 Cancun

Cancun was not our cup of tea at all. A huge row of hotels, expensive shops and restaurants. The water was beautiful so we waded, ate at a tucked away place and left for the little fishing village.

#170 - 40 x 2 = Bliss

A toast in the pool!

It doesn't seem that we've all been married for 40 years; we still feel young even though our bodies are getting a bit creaky. We look in the mirror and ask, "Who's that old person staring at me?" And there weren't many senior citizens to be seen no matter where we traveled. It is definitely a younger person's destination...but meant to be "crashed" by us seniors!

#169 Pedicure still secure

Since I got the pedicure prior to my trip, I decided to document my toes. Polish still looks good.

#168 Cenotes and Crocs

This big guy was behind a fence. I was looking and looking for a crocodile and here he was right under my nose. When I saw him, I jumped back about 6' and yelped.
Here he is from a distance with a smaller one in the water.

Ah, the cenotes. Cold, fresh underground water.

At first, Ray braved the cenote alone because none of us wanted to get into that "freezing" water. After taking several photos of him in the caves, I decided he couldn't have all the fun so I got in too. It's hard to describe it. We swam into huge caves with bats, stalignites or stalignites... (what do I know?) and swallows darting everywhere. Fish swimming right along with us in total peace. We didn't want to get out.