28 June 2009

#172 .. but officer....

Here we are waiting for my brother to do some marketing as he parked us in a no parking zone. Not only that, it was a bus zone! I think at least 8 small busses stopped there as we waited.

Then we go to Playa del Carmen and find our rear license plate has been taken by the police because we parked by a yellow curb. We were told by locals that it was okay and the street was lined with cars parked next to yellow curbs. Guess they saw the rental car sticker and knew they had a tourista.

The procedure is to find the police station, which was an adventure in itself, then try and find the entrance to the station. Crazy. Then pay your fine and wait for the police officer to return to the station with your plates. Second infraction, they take the front plate off and the fine doubles or triples...who knows.
We did get a few laughs out of this one.

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