07 June 2009

#158 After the dinner party

I invited 14 of the volunteers from school to dinner last night...making 16 of us. I wouldn't allow them to help with dishes so here's my dishes all clean and drip drying. It's a good thing I enjoy washing dishes. I have good memories as a kid washing dishes with Mom or with Grandmothers. Same with hanging clothes on the line. It's the memories that make the chores so pleasurable for me.


Tammy Townsend said...

HOLY COW! That's a lot of dishes....for me, the memories of doing the dishes weren't so great, and because of that I hate doing it with a passion...Now I'm right there with you with hanging out the clothes! Love hanging them, but hate taking them down...wish I had a clothesline somedays....just love that smell!

Amy said...

Yep...definitely LOVE the smell of clothes dried on the line!! And I'm with you, I don't mind doing the dishes at all.....not complaining about all the help Ashley gives now-days in the kitchen, but still....I don't mind.

Meg said...

Hey! How come you only remember dishes with mom and grandma? How about your sister? I remember being thwacked with the wet dishtowel almost daily! You never missed! Of course when we raced, I know I really won!!!

Come on up and we can race again!
House rules. Love you. Me(g)