29 September 2010

Fox in the Hen House! (...but we don't have a hen house.)

I heard a horrible animal-in-distress call yesterday. I went outside to look over the deck and saw two shadows through the woods with long tails. I thought they were coyote. The noise continued a bit further into the woods. I grabbed my camera and tried sneaking  closer to see what was happening. The cries kept getting further away and less often. I then saw two foxes following the sounds. This guy was just too far for my camera and my unsteady hand. I'm posting the shots anyway. I figure something got a deer and dragged it off and the foxes were following the hunt.

27 September 2010

Just a Subtle Hint

I have complained about my stove before. I've used it for 18 years and I still cannot get the right knob when I want to turn a burner on. Need I confess how many dinners I've burned from placing the skillet on the HOT burner?! Tonight was no exception. I'm done with it. I draw arrows and Jack removes them, he thinks they look tacky. I think they will save the dinners, so who cares about tacky arrows? NOT ME!

19 September 2010

Home Made Gifts

I just love home made items. I love the fact that both Jack and I are interested in making things for others rather than running to the stores to buy something.
I don't like Halloween at all, but I love the costumes and I love it when Kari or Danette ask me to make a costume for one of the grandkids. I found out Zoe wants to be a gypsy so I found some gauzy fabric in my stash and made her a skirt. Jack discovered that Kai loves playing with his toy airplanes so Jack made a control tower for Kai. Here are the results of our efforts.

12 September 2010

Not One Crumb Left!

We hadn't planned anything for supper one lazy summer day when a neighbor dropped by some fresh veggies from her garden. (We have not had a garden for a few years for one reason or another - this year it was Jack's back.)
Anyway, we had some black bean burgers, whole wheat buns, the veggies and VOILA!
I usually only manage a half of a burger but this was so good, I ate the entire thing.

11 September 2010

Missing Virginia Missing

Mom and I are missing Virginia and we know Virginia is missing us today!
The Annual Fortune-Pervis Family Reunion is today and Mom and I are MIA.
Hey, Y'all, we are thinking about you!
Tell us all about it, okay?

08 September 2010

Dawg-GONE Internet (Accent on the "gone")

Our internet has been kaput for EVER! Well, it seems that long. I do believe we are finally up and running again so I'll be posting soon. It's so strange how I've had to find ways to fill my days since I've been sans computer! I'll have to work on that....less time at the keyboard and more time on my projects. Hmmmm, what a concept - I might just get things done!