27 February 2010

Attic on Our Porch

Jack got the bug to de-bat the house! Meaning we had to clean our attic so he could install strobe lights to deter the bats! We hauled everything down to the front porch. He cleaned up the bat guano and installed the lights while I went through every box and container which were filled with treasures I had felt I JUST HAD to hold onto. As you can see, not much ended up being that important after all.
What a great feeling to get rid of all that stuff. My van is full of Christmas decorations, wrap, cards, etc., craft supplies and household items to donate to the thrift store. I filled a huge garbage bag with like new and new stuffed animals to donate too. Here I am 63 years old and finding it hard to part with stuffed animals. Dumb or what?
HORSE UPDATE: Buckshot is feeling a tiny bit better. The vet returned today and gave two more shots... total bill... $400!! I told Buckshot that for $400 he better get well.!!

26 February 2010

Horse Flu?

My poor Buckshot is sick. All the years I've had him, I've never had to call the vet....that is until today. Jack noticed that Buckshot didn't come in for his oats yesterday afternoon and had to be coaxed to come in and eat. The minute I heard that, I threw on my shoes and coat and headed out in the rain to check on him. (He is my "dog" afterall.) Sure enough, he was just not his normal self, rather lethargic.

This morning, I headed off for work and stopped to feed the horses and check on Buckshot. He was stumbling over his own feet and could hardly move and did NOT want to eat. Now that is the sign that he is VERY sick since he is the little piggy in the "group".

I came back home, called work and said I'd be late, then called the vet. Jack promised me he would meet the vet and call me once they knew what was up.

Long story short, the vet thinks he has symptoms from a tic bite that causes flu symptoms. He gave three shots, poured a gallon of water down and 1/2 a gallon of mineral oil. With a promise to return tomorrow morning, he left.

I got home and had to gather Buckshot up from the field. Something I never have to do. He always comes when I call him. He stood out there and whinnied at me as if to say, "I want to join you but I can't." So I locked them both in the paddock and hope he will drink water and be better tomorrow morning when the vet returns.

I'll let y'all know how he is doing.

22 February 2010

2 of 5

Grandkids! (sigh) ... somehow, they just make everything right!

17 February 2010

Back Again

The elk are back; this time they are right across the street from our property! I hope to get some closer photos this morning as I'll have my camera and will be ready. Yesterday, I just sat there in the truck and stared at them. (The van is "sick" ... but that's another story!)
These guys are beautiful but sure do wreak havoc on the ranchers. Where are Amy's boys when you need them?! ... oh yeah, they are on the other side of the country, up to their eyeballs in snow!