27 February 2010

Attic on Our Porch

Jack got the bug to de-bat the house! Meaning we had to clean our attic so he could install strobe lights to deter the bats! We hauled everything down to the front porch. He cleaned up the bat guano and installed the lights while I went through every box and container which were filled with treasures I had felt I JUST HAD to hold onto. As you can see, not much ended up being that important after all.
What a great feeling to get rid of all that stuff. My van is full of Christmas decorations, wrap, cards, etc., craft supplies and household items to donate to the thrift store. I filled a huge garbage bag with like new and new stuffed animals to donate too. Here I am 63 years old and finding it hard to part with stuffed animals. Dumb or what?
HORSE UPDATE: Buckshot is feeling a tiny bit better. The vet returned today and gave two more shots... total bill... $400!! I told Buckshot that for $400 he better get well.!!


Amy said...

Good grief, girl....tell me that's not your entire attic on your porch. There's NO way. You should see Maw's attic!!

Sandee said...

That is my entire HOUSE attic. Remember that we also have an attic of a BARN! I have pretty much tried to keep it empty but I noticed Jack has been storing "treasures" there recently and tons of empty boxes. (Hey, as long as they really ARE empty, I'm okay with boxes.)