30 April 2012

The New Roundup

I heard the cows making all sorts of noise from the 400 acre ranch we see from our view. I noticed two large livestock trucks pulling in so I grabbed my camera. No horses involved, just horsepower. No cowboy hats, just baseball caps on the drivers' heads. No dogs, just quads.
Rather sad, don't you think?
When we first moved here, they used to round them up and drive them down the main road to the upper pastures then they would drive them back down again. Now that was something to see!

One's getting away!!! 

24 April 2012

22 April 2012

Earth Day 2012

Happy Earth Day!
I decided to walk along the road on what we locals call Daffodil Hill. Years ago, a millionaire donated money to the school for all the hours put in by kids and parents to plant bulbs. This went on for several years and the results are nothing but lovely.
I thought this would be a nice posting in honor of our Mother Earth.
Enjoy your day.

Come on down/up/over some mid-April and I'll lead you on a two mile hike through Daffodil Hill!

20 April 2012


I have so many projects started, I reall need to finish something. So what do I do? I decide to purge my fabrics! Anything less than 1/2 a yard went into plastic totes. I'm sure I'll come up with something else to do instead of actually finish something today!

It looks like I need to go shopping for more fabric.
I hate it when that happens.

17 April 2012

Who Knew?!

What a whirlwind trip! I just love those trips when you don't have much time to do what you want to do and you end up packing everything into such a small space of time. Not only that.... I found out I had something on my BUCKET LIST that I didn't realize was on there until the opportunity came along! First things first......I need to catch y'all up on things...Afterall, it has been a whole eight days since you've heard from me.

Snail Mail - Remember I had found a bunch of old letters and I started pining over old fashioned letters? Well, WHO KNEW that Amy would get right to it and send me a REAL letter! Thanks, Amy!

 Even the postmarks are different now. They spit out from a computer with "secret" codes printed all along the bottom of the envelopes.

Jack built a new vanity for Danette's and Joseph's home. They are remodeling the main bathroom in their home. We had to deliver this so they could get it installed.

Although they were on their Spring Break, it was no break for Danette! She had a revolving door going on every day for 11 days straight! No breathing space at all. She got phone calls from friends asking for help with watching their kids. Since she already had company from New York, what was another kid or two....or three?... Then her friend had broken her foot and Dee had to do all the driving and helping out. It ended up being a great week for the kids but no rest for Dee!
What is it these grandkids eat to make them grow so fast?

I walked out into the backyard and saw that the kids had escaped!

I could hear them talking so I looked to the left....

and I looked to the right...

Then I looked straight ahead and found them.

Up in a tree, of course!

So down they tumbled and I got a nature lesson from Zoe. See the orange spot on the tulip leaf?

A close-up reveals ladybug eggs!

And WHO KNEW there was an EASY way to gather chicken eggs?!

So off to Kari's we went for her 40th birthday bash. What a party....

This was an amazing cake and great appetizers too!

WHO KNEW  I'd be the Designated Driver so I could take pictures of the party too!
They were all dancing to the "Macarena"!

WHO KNEW  they would have a D.J. with live music?! Beautiful voices!

WHO KNEW  that Charles would buy Kari a pair of  "Miracle Jeans"?! And that I'd be photographing a Miracle Jeans Round-Butt Contest! (I hated to have to tell Kari that even with the jeans, she still didn't have a butt.)

We went for a walk with the boys the next day to get some good photos for Kari.
Mission Accomplished.

What is it about kids and trees???

...and even OLD kids and trees.. (Caught in the action!) This was @ Dee's.

And finally....that item on my Bucket List that I had no clue was on it. Not until Kari asked if I wanted to go see a Roller Derby Game. I answered, "YES!" so fast...then I realized this is something I've wanted to do since the 1970's!!

And the extra fun part is we had someone we know to root for. Recognize her? The singer from Kari's party..... Rock Hell Belch of the Sac City Rollers.

Uh huh....

I couldn't get my camera to take any good photos of the action. Mainly because I don't know how to use my camera. I'm sure it is capable of taking low-light photos but I'm not educated in photography! This one is kinda cool.

Then we headed for home until the next time.

It's always good to go and it's always good to be home again.

09 April 2012

Finished Hearts

So the hearts baby quilt is finished. The Juki is totally cleaned, oiled and packed up to go back to the co-owner of it. I won't be ready to quilt another quilt until June so all is working out well with sharing the machine.
We are loading the car to jam down to CA to help celebrate our "baby's" 40th birthday. How the heck did I get old enough to have a 40 year old "child"???? Somedays it feels like I live inside of a movie, not in my real life. I'm still 33 with the energy of the Energizer Bunny, I can run circles around the world! Then I open my wallet and my Medicare card and my desire to take cat naps tell me different. (sigh)

07 April 2012

Good Morning, Hearts

I'm machine quilting this little baby quilt. I loved the way the sunlight hit the stitches.
I'll share a picture when it's finished.

04 April 2012

Never Say Never

1993: "I'll NEVER own an answering machine. I don't have time to sit and call people back. They can just wait until I'm home to reach me."
2004: We own an answering machine.

1997: "I'll NEVER have an automatic gate opener. How lazy do you have to be to want to sit in your car and have your gate open for you?"
2009 : Jack built a gorgeous entryway with an automatic gate.

2001: "What the heck is an iPod? I'll NEVER have an iPod, I don't like listening to music, what would I ever do with one of those stupid things?"
2012: I inherited Jack's iPod when he got an iTouch. I deleted all his music from it and now listen to French language lessons. Radio Lingua.... Coffee Break French. And I love it!

2004: "I will NEVER have a cell phone. I HATE cell phones. I HATE people talking on them. Folks are so rude on their phones. They drive like a drunk when they are on their cell phones, they shout in stores when they are on their cell phones, they interrupt a conversation just to answer their @##$% cell phones. "
2011: We got a pre-paid cell phone to use when we are on our trips. Our girls just put too much pressure on us! I refuse to take it with me unless we are on a long trip. I still hate the idea of someone being able to call me whenever they want to. I want to be in control of that. I want to drive down our rural roads in peace and harmony. I want to go on walks without being called. I want to go to work without anyone calling me. So I do hope I can keep away from the dang cell phone syndrome. Ours comes to $7.00 a month with 1/2 a minute a day. Who needs more than 30 seconds a day to say what you have to say when you are breathing the great outdoors? Not me!!!

1993: "I will NEVER have an automatic garage door opener. Oh my gosh, when the time comes for us to not be able to get out of the car to open the garage door, it's time for us to stop driving."
(Mind you, I've said this every year since we built our house.....it is something Jack just HAS to have.)
I am not the one opening the door......

Here he comes.....one very happy camper!

Me? I GIVE UP!!!

2012: Moral of this story: Watch what you say, your words might come back to bite you in the butt!

03 April 2012

A Bucket of Memories

Remember back in the "old days" when people actually sat down and wrote letters to friends and family? I remember it taking hours and hours to keep up with the communications since I had moved away from everyone in my life who mattered to me. (Then I found the reason why I'd moved ... to meet my husband!) Anyway, lots and lots of letters.

Those letters would take a week to ten days to get where they were aimed, unless we added extra postage and put them via Air Mail!

Well, as you can see, I have a bucket of memories going back to 1969 when I moved away. My mom was the best letter writer. She gave me all the details of what was going on with the family. Remember too that this was way before we could afford to just pick up the telephone and call. Phone calls were very expensive. And back then, everyone I knew meant a long distance phone call.

I am going to sort through these letters slowly and keep a few with fun family history like my sister coming home from Germany or getting ready to go back to Germany, or like my younger brothers getting good grades or my oldest brother's arrival home SAFELY from Viet Nam. There are some postcards Mom and Dad had sent from their 1977 USA tour just a short time before Dad died.

There are a few from each of my grandmothers. One lived on a farm and detailed her chores and her setting a chicken to hatch duck eggs. The other was being pushed in a wheelchair by my uncle, taking her from her house to his which was next door. Her description of him pushing her made me laugh. I'm just sorry I didn't save more of their letters.

I'm going to find an old bucket to keep them in so I can pull one out every now and again and just read those precious words.

Who knows.... I might just get motivated to write REAL letters! I still do that every now and again but not often enough I'm sure.

01 April 2012

Flood Watch

Our River is on flood watch. It is raining so much, all the water is brown, filled with topsoil run-off. This photo is with my zoom lens and is about 2 miles away so it is grainy. Trees along the banks are all getting washed by the river.

And my poor daffodils just don't get the sunshine they need to stand up tall. I'm not the only one sagging these days:

Actually, we are 5" below the rainfall that we had last year at this time. So rain it must in order to support all the trees and give drinking water to each of us. We are even expecting some snow on Tuesday. Welcome to a Pacific Northwest Spring!

I'm just not used to not having any energy. I'm going on three weeks now and I have no motivation or energy to do much of anything. I lay on the couch and start to fall asleep then my brain tells me to "get up and get something done!" I get up, walk in circles, realize I don't have the energy to do anything and I either sit at the computer or listen to a book on tape. Seriously, nothing to brag about. I just figure I must need the rest or I'd be getting things accomplished.
It's not a good feeling. At least, it isn't a comfortable feeling for me. Not a good place to be. I don't like sitting still for long.

I have to work three days next week so I'll manage to push myself through those and I have a Friends of the Library Meeting that I have to lead so come Friday, I hope I'm not horizontal!